The International Jew Study Hour: Dr. Levy, a Jew, Admits His People’s Error – Episode 61

The White Network
August 23, 2013

TIJ_Oscar Levy“The International Jew” Study Hour presents:  Carolyn Yeager and Hadding Scott read and comment on Chapter 56, “Dr. Levy, a Jew, Admits His People’s Error.”

Dr. Oscar Levy (pictured right) was a Jew born in Pomerania to a banker, who emigrated at the age of 27 to the United Kingdom and Ireland where he became well-known in literary circles.

This chapter gives his reply to a brochure written by Oxford professor George Pitt-Rivers titled “The World Significance of the Russian Revolution.“  In a letter to Pitt-Rivers, Levy agreed with the criticism of the Jewish role, but at the same time gave an overblown estimation of Jewish greatness and their role in Europe.  Some examples:

  • No race in the world is more interesting than the Jews;
  • Scarcely an event in modern Europe that cannot be traced back to the Jews;
  • Jews invented nationalism, plead for honesty and cleanliness in politics, and have a duty to guide Europe;
  • Jews are unconscious of the harm they cause – they know not what they do (all in all pretty funny stuff).

Note: We are using the Noontide Press publication of The International Jew — The World’s Foremost Problem which can be found online here as a pdf file.


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