The Issue of Our Time is Daily Stormer Downtime

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 25, 2015

That feel when your best just isn't quite good enough.
That feel when your best just isn’t quite good enough to make things work.

As you are no doubt aware, there have been more problems with the running of the site.  I am, as always, doing my very best to fix them on the very limited budget that I have, and I, as always, apologize for the inconvenience.

Somewhere down the road, all of these problems will be solved, and we can move on to other massive and debilitating problems.

For today, posting will be sparse, as I am working on fixing things and the rest of the site’s staff had difficulties signing in.

But I have something interesting for you, which if you can see this page instead of some error screen, you can no doubt have an interesting conversation about.

This was a post made by a woman in the comments section of yesterday’s response to Matt Parrott.

Frankly reading about how women should be or not is getting boring. Yeah I don’t have to read it. But one wants to know if welcome or not.. Perhaps there are women who’d be happy to serve you like a maid.. but most want to explore life just like any man. The best relationship is when both are able to talk to each other, that is when you get a partner. Both men and women often need to practise on communication and understanding your other half.

And here is our commenter Thanatos’ response to this woman.

“Perhaps there are women who’d be happy to serve you like a maid.”

Regarding your point about “communication”, it is helpful when communicating to first define your terms. For instance, the term “maid”, short for maiden, was at one point synonymous with “any young woman”. A “maid” means a young woman. The duties of a “maid” were and remain synonymous with the duties of “a young woman”. In light of this, there had better be young women happy to “serve us as maids” as the White race has no need of duty-shirking women living parasitically off the back of the White man.

“The best relationship is when both are able to talk to each other, that is when you get a partner.”

Men and women apparently define “partner” differently. We actually have no need to talk to you about anything. It is women that need to flap their lips constantly in order to avoid feelings of discomfort. We also don’t need a “partner” who does 10% of the work and reaps 80-90% of the rewards. Men define a “partnership” as one in which there is a 50/50 split of duties and rewards, or else one in which one person does most of the work and the other person only gets paid for the percent of work he actually put in. Men don’t understand what you’re referring to as any form of “partnership” that we are aware of.

“But one wants to know if welcome or not”

You’re welcome to read and comment here. You’re not welcome to tell men how to behave or to decide the policy of this site. It would seem simple enough to understand,as Andrew has exhaustively laid out his position on the matter in several very long posts that are publicly available to everyone to read,but I must’ve seen 50 women by now who are unclear about what Andrew has stated in plain English a hundred different ways. Are you starting to see why we didn’t think women could handle voting? It doesn’t really differ in any significant respect from this exercise. Someone thinks up a proposal,puts it out there as clearly as he can, and then others (presumably) understand his proposal and give an opinion on it, usually in the form of yes or no.

Literally the only two ways you can fuck it up are to (a) not understand the language it was put forth in, or (b) fail to possess the basic amount of abstract reasoning to understand the proposal and its implications for society-but I’ll be damned if large numbers of women can’t fail spectacularly.

“but most want to explore life just like any man”

That is not what men want to do. Men want to construct the things which you are exploring. If men were just like women, the obverse of what you are arguing, then there’d be nothing to fucking explore and you’d be eaten by a goddamn grizzly or lion or something before you could explore it anyway.

”Both men and women often need to practise on communication and understanding your other half.”

Possibly, but seeing as how we’ve been working on understanding women since 3500 b.c. and women haven’t even expressed an interest in finding out who we are fundamentally as men or what we want out of women and out of life, perhaps you should, you know, be working on doing that instead of making recommendations to men.

I mean, women haven’t even expressed a passing interest in meeting us 1/6,000,000th of the way here. Ever. All they’ve done is take whatever we offered them and conspire behind our back with our enemies and amongst themselves to fuck us out of whatever we had left.

Perhaps you could practice your communication skills by trying to figure out what this means:

The only thing we need women for is to have babies and feed them and take care of them when they are young. If women aren’t having babies,aren’t taking care of babies or feeding them, we don’t need women. In a way, that makes our job as men much simpler, all we have to do is provide for and protect ourselves, and then watch our race and civilization,that we gave 2000 years and millions of White men’s lives for,die.

But if we’re all going to die, it is possible for things to work out in such a way that the women die first in some slow,torturous,and humiliating way. After that, if we could come to grips with the death of something so precious to us, and I’m not talking about the women who kept stabbing us in the back and refused to cooperate with their own brothers,husbands,fathers, and sons and do something so trifling as simply having babies and caring for them and their other parent in the home in order to save the lives of their own people,then it’d be smooth sailing for us men for 30 years or so.

I don’t want this to happen,and I’m not advocating violence, that’d be a Kafakaesque nightmare scenario for me, but it could happen. You know,you standing by with your thumbs up your asses while we frantically try to save our 2000-year-old culture and you saying you’re not going to cook or clean or have babies because that would be slavery and also it’s “really hard” and why can’t we pay attention to women’s feelings more than constantly?…and when it’s all gone, maybe we stand by while moslems or niggers are ripping you from the homes you got from a man in a divorce lotto or bought yourself as a consolation prize for letting your eggs dry up inside you working some office job and as you’re running around screaming for help we go, “You know what, we’re not going to try to stop this, that would be forced conscription”.

In the meantime, I’m not losing any sleep over what happens to the women who refuse to do the basic things necessary for their survival and the survival of our race. Racial extinction notwithstanding, this is going to be a good century for White men. It takes a minimum of 10 men to defend a medium to largish apartment building in the city. It only takes one woman to suck 10 dicks. Ergo, we can afford to cut a WHOLE lot of dead weight if our women are dead set on annihilating our race and possibly the entire species,which means White men who will do what is necessary to survive are going to have it way better in the next 50 years than the last 50 years.

Sometimes I feel a bit ashamed my own writing is shown up by commenters.  It is worthwhile to draw attention to good posts though, and I should try and do it more often.

We will no doubt have an interesting next week, as I am expecting a response from Matt Parrott, and I won’t be surprised if others decide to weigh in on this feminist issue, and I may respond to them if they do.

This is the issue of the century, brothers, and the issue that will decide our victory or failure.  The invasion is a result of feminism, and there is no way to solve the invasion without solving feminism.  Because, as I have said, feminism is the grounds on which this empire of evil was built, and it is the root we must strike at if we wish to see the evil empire fall.

Brothers in arms.
Brothers in arms.

In my last piece, I wrote:

Male-bonding is something which has been brutally attacked by through feminist idea of egalitarian inclusion Parrott is presenting. Male-bonding is the root of male identity, and thus of masculinity, and masculinity is the root of authority, authority the root of a healthy society. And it is entirely necessary for a right-wing political movement to have its roots in a sense of camaraderie between men.

This is the heart of the issue.

I have let the issue simmer for a bit, but I will do as I said and produce a series of articles breaking down the various aspects of this discussion soon, and will probably organize these into a short book to sell on Amazon which will hopefully bring us some shekels for our projects.  Hope to have that done by summertime, but I don’t make promise on such things any more.

Forgive me again for the troubles.

That feel when it all comes together.
That feel when it all comes together like it’s supposed to.

If anyone uses Bitcoin, please send me some.  If you’ve got it.  Definitely helps.

But we’ll figure it all out.  God willing.

Hail Victory.