The Jew Michael Lynton: Sony Pictures CEO

Daily Slave
December 21, 2014

The Jew Michael Lynton looks like a demon. He does not appear to be human.

I just wanted to bring attention to the fact that the individual who runs Sony Pictures the organization at the heart of this hacking scandal linked to North Korea and the ridiculous movie “The Interview” is a Jew named Michael Lynton.

As we’ve mentioned previously, the film stars two Jewish actors in the featured roles.  Only a Jew would green light such a stupid film, in which they portray an attempt to assassinate the real life leader of a foreign country.

Can you imagine if some film studio somewhere in the world created a film in which the plot centered around the assassination of Jew leader of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu?  The Jews would be crying 60 trillion tears over it.

This Jew Michael Lynton should be deported from America for green-lighting this stupid movie.

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