The Jews Have Killed the Star Wars Franchise

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
December 21, 2017

Even the most die hard of Star Wars fans are not liking the latest Star Wars movie.

A few years back, Jew-run Disney purchased LucasFilm and with it the rights to produce new Star Wars movies. The franchise, once an important part of American pop culture, has been left in ruins thanks to Disney.

This process began with Star Wars: The Force Awakens which inserted all sorts of multiculturalism and social justice warrior narratives into the plot. This was not a surprise considering that the film was directed by the Jew J.J. Abrams. The bad guys were mostly all White males and the good guys were mostly a mix of women and non-Whites. Han Solo, one of the few White male good guy characters from the original trilogy, was even killed off in the movie.

The Force Awakens was bad enough, but not bad enough to get the average Star Wars fan to raise a big fuss. Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the latest movie in the series, has been something entirely different. This film has been widely panned by audiences. Older fans who fondly remember the original films have been especially harsh in their reviews.

The scores from Rotten Tomatoes really paints the picture.

What’s interesting to note is the disparity between the “critics” and the audience. The “critics” gave it glowing reviews, whereas audience reviews were mixed. The Jew media is blaming online trolls for the difference, but much of the criticism has been perfectly legitimate. An overload of cringe worthy jokes, poor story telling and the elevation of unimportant characters over more interesting ones have been some of the most common complaints. The new film also continues shoving feminism and diversity down everyone’s throats.

PewDiePie reviewed it and he thought it sucked. He gave it a 3.5 out of 10. Many of the people commenting on his review have fully agreed with his analysis. Unlike the “critics,” he gave the film an honest review.

The Last Jedi is the culmination of the Jews at Disney trying to milk the Star Wars franchise for as many shekels as possible. Instead of taking their time to create a solid product, they’ve been rushing to shit out as many Star Wars movies as they can. This includes spin-off movies like Rogue One and the upcoming Han Solo film. The quality of these products has been of secondary concern. It couldn’t be any more obvious at this point.

Disney’s expectation is that people will rush out to see any film with the Star Wars branding no matter how awful it is. Even though they might be able to get away with this for a few more movies, they have killed the magic that made the original Star Wars films a cultural phenomenon. The backlash against The Last Jedi is proof of that.

Even though the film opened well, it is lagging behind the box office receipts of The Force Awakens. Merchandise sales are also lagging.

It is good that the Jews through their own greed have managed to ruin another cultural mainstay. We are slowly taking over the culture thanks to their incompetence.