The Jews Shouldn’t Have Started Blaming Eastern Europe for the Holocaust

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 28, 2019

The Jews had a good thing going with their Holocaust racket.

They blamed Germany for making 6 million Jews disappear magically while they occupied Eastern Europe. They successfully got the ultra-conformist Germans to go along with blaming themselves for the greatest crime in history, which didn’t actually happen, and they got the rest of Europe to go along with blaming Germans, who they didn’t really like very much anyway, so didn’t mind blaming for a hoax.

Then, all of the sudden, DECADES AFTER THE ALLEGED THING HAPPENED, the lunatic Jews started blaming Eastern Europeans for the Holocaust, saying they helped the Germans do it.

So the Eastern Europeans were just like “oh fuck you, Jews – this bullshit didn’t even happen in the first place!”


A new study suggests that Holocaust denial is at its worst in Eastern Europe, where “revisionist” governments driven by feelings of “victimhood” try to erase their nation’s culpability in the massacre of Jews.

The study, published on January 25 – just days before Holocaust Remembrance Day – indicates rampant levels of historical revisionism regarding the mass-extermination of Jews under Nazi rule in eastern parts of the European Union. The Holocaust Remembrance Project was conducted by researchers from Yale and Grinnell Colleges and endorsed by the European Union of Progressive Judaism (EUPJ), an umbrella organization which links more than 170 progressive Jewish communities in 17 countries.

I said at the time when the Jews published a big “study” blaming the Poles for the Holocaust that they’d better be careful, because all of those camps where they claim the ashes of millions of Jews are buried are on Polish soil.

And potentially, the Poles could go do a dig, and find that there aren’t the remains of millions of people there, because the Holocaust is fake.

They’d better hope that doesn’t happen.

Because literally, the entire Western liberal farce is based on the idea that white people cannot have interests, and that they cannot live alone with each other, because if they do they will start gassing Jews. And if it turns out that didn’t really happen, the whole house of cards will come tumbling down.

Furthermore, people are going to be really, really mad about the Jews making this whole thing up.

In fact, they might respond by gassing them all.