The Juice is Loose: Black Hero OJ Simpson is on Twitter, Kikes Refusing to Verify His Account

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 21, 2019

So I hear that OJ Simpson is on Twitter, and I’m like “oh hell yeah, lemme check that out, I fucking love that nigger.”

So I type “OJ Simpson Twitter official,” and I get a dumb parody account and this YouTube video about how the Goldman kikes are whining that The Juice juiced their kike relative Ron.

Ron Goldman’s sister is reacting to news that O.J. Simpson has joined Twitter, and she’s horrified. “It is hard. He is living a very large life, he is revered in Las Vegas, and now to see the response he is getting on Twitter, it is hard,” Kim Goldman said Monday. Two days after the 25th anniversary of Nicole Brown Simpson and Goldman’s murders, O.J. Simpson officially joined the social network and posted his first tweet. In the video, Simpson is charismatic and smiling.

Fuck off, kikes.

No one gives a shit about your stupid whiny bullshit. I give as much of a shit about Ron Goldman as I give about your idiotic skin lampshade hoax.

We want OJ, motherfucker.

Scrolling through Google results, I also find this bullshit here, goddamn it:

Google wants me to believe that its algorithm is too stupid to know what I mean when I tell it I want “OJ Simpson Twitter official”?

And Twitter is trying to kike the process by refusing to give The Juice his caboose?

All of you sickening Jews can go to hell.



Okay, got it.

Here that nigga is.

He’s getting cockblocked by Google and Twitter, and this muffuggah already got 800,000 followers in a week.

The people want OJ.

Get the fuck out of here with your white knighting for sluts and Jews.

OJ kills his enemies, he drives off in a white Bronco, then he walks free because he’s that much of a GANGSTA.

OJ doesn’t give a fuck.

He literally wrote a book about how he killed that bitch and that Jew, but if you ask him he’s like “man I didn’t do nothing.”

The Juice is one of the great heroes of our time, and he should be promoted as a role model for kids. He was a great sports player, he was a great actor and he slices up sluts and Jews in a brutal fashion.

And that might be the greatest lesson that young people today need to learn: if you’re gonna kill that bitch cuz you found out she ain’t loyal, use a German stiletto.

I don’t want to hear any of this cucked “shot his wife” bullshit.

If you’re gonna do that shit, do it right.

Roll hard, roll deep. That is the lesson OJ taught us.

America’s youth needs to take the OJ pill.

But instead of promoting OJ as a role model, we get this fat old bitch telling us white people are evil and we should all be fucking each other up the ass.

If you haven’t been banned from Twitter yet somehow, be sure to follow @TheRealOJ32 and show some love to a real American hero.