The Kavanaugh Hearing Doesn’t Really Matter

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 6, 2018

I didn’t write anything about the Kavanaugh Supreme Court hearing, because it doesn’t really matter. It’s not something that is worth paying attention to, really.

You can listen to the Fash the Nation episode for the backstory. If you want to know the backstory.

Kavanaugh isn’t a great guy, but Trump couldn’t put forward a great guy because a great guy couldn’t make it through confirmation. He’s an okay guy that absolutely will make it through confirmation, so the whole thing is just a circus show that the media is making this big deal out of to distract from the fact that the Cohen deal turned out to be absolutely nothing.

They needed to redirect energy somewhere, so the media started going nuts about how this guy is going to shut down abortion.

Trump is going to swing the court to where yes, Roe v. Wade will be repealed. There is no way to avoid that. Because it was only activist judges who supported this in the first place. Anyone who actually cares about the Constitution understands that it is completely insane to claim that it guarantees a federal right to abortion.

When Roe v. Wade is repealed, the only states that will outlaw abortion will be ones that are very religious. Mostly Southern states. Which also have a high population of blacks, unfortunately.

People on the right point this out a lot in the abortion discussion. And the demographics of the developing abortion situation are certainly unfortunate.

Despite being only 12% of the population, blacks have about 30% of the abortions.

However, the bottom line is that it is the liberation of women which has led to the racial situation we have now. And every other situation.

Feminism was the key driver to upending the natural order. As soon as women were allowed to vote, they started taking all of these revolutionary actions. And white women have been the key to every Jewish revolution since this process of Jewish revolutions began.

We have to take every opportunity we have to disempower white women. And the number one way to do that is to force them to be responsible for the sexual decisions they make.

The goal has to be a federal ban on abortions, rather than simply overturning Roe v. Wade.

That’s a long way off, but overturning Roe v. Wade is a necessary step in that process.

And I don’t really believe that it is necessarily going to result in fewer black abortions. Clinics will continue to operate in black neighborhoods in states that ban abortion. Most of them are run by Indians and Jews already, and both groups are extremely prone to medical industry criminality.

Furthermore, black neighborhoods are being policed less and less, and I just do not see a push to go into black neighborhoods and investigate clinics reported to be doing abortions in states that have outlawed it.

It is going to be impossible to fix our problems without removing the circumstances which create these problems, and the core circumstances that create these problems – beyond just “the Jews in general” – are state programs empowering women.

We need to stop abortion, we need to stop affirmative action in schools and workplaces, we need to end no-fault divorce, we need to incentivize young marriage, we need to overhaul the divorce courts.

Repealing Roe v. Wade is a positive step.

But yeah, Kavanaugh – there is no way they can not confirm him. He will be confirmed. It’s just a big media distraction.

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