The Klingons Can’t be Moslems Anymore

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 25, 2019

Star Trek: Discovery’s Jewish producer Alex Kurtzman poses with some Lord of the Rings orcs. 

As I mentioned in my piece earlier this week about how virtually all of the villains in popular culture are Nazis or stand-ins for Nazis, the Klingons in Alex Kurtzman’s Jewish Star Trek: Discovery are portrayed as being Nazis.

In the show, the Klingons declare war on the Federation of Planets because they fear that the Federation wants to absorb them into a multicultural empire that will destroy their racial heritage. The show presents this theme very ham-fistedly, as they tell each other “we must remain Klingon” and “they want to erase the struggle of our ancestors.”  They might as well have given them Richard Spencer haircuts.

Besides Jewish producers wanting to make the Klingons into Nazis, they also had to change their race due to more immediate politically correct concerns. While in the original series of the 1960s they had represented the Soviets, throughout the 1980s and 1990s, they were a stand-in for Moslems. Of course, this was a little bit more subtle than the new show is being with the Nazi thing, but the message was clear. The Klingons had brown skin, they had an honor-based society, they were tribal and warlike, and engaged in various forms of terrorism. They are always ready to die in the name of their race and religion.

At the same time, the show being liberal and Jewish, these Space Moslems were portrayed with some sympathy. The sympathetic treatment comes from the angle of “these people are enslaved to a backward culture that certain individuals can escape from and join our progressive liberal human rights democracy.” This was the Jewish wisdom of the time with regards to Islam (and is now the view of the conservative movement).

Worf, a member of the human organization Starfleet and the main Klingon character in both The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine, is a partially-assimilated Klingon, and the rest of the team is constantly trying to help him work through his various religious beliefs, so that he can embrace the light of liberalism.

But in the current year, you can’t portray Islam negatively. The presently presiding Jewish wisdom is that Islam is actually not backward at all, but in fact more progressive and enlightened than rational atheism, and Moslems shouldn’t assimilate to Western culture in any way. So you can’t have bad guys who are based on Moslems. Or rather – the only way to do that would be to have the bad guys be a break-off sect of Moslems who embraced a radical form of the religion. But that plot doesn’t work with the Klingons.

So instead, CBS just completely wiped the entire concept of race, and made them into Nazi space orcs.

And they are literally space orcs. From the Lord of the Rings. Even their appearance has been modeled entirely after the orcs in Peter Jackson’s LotR films.

All politics aside, on the level of basic storytelling, this is absolutely obscene. The new Klingons are brutish and stupid, and it makes no sense whatsoever how such a race would have spaceships at all. The old Klingons had multiple castes, which included scientists, so even while most of the Klingons you met on the show were brutal, there was an explanation for how they maintained such a high tech society. The Kurtzman show doesn’t bother explaining how a much stupider warrior class is designing and operating a space-faring society without any other caste.

This situation is representative of the absurd nature of the modern Jewish entertainment industrial complex. It’s getting to the point where people just aren’t going to be interested in any of this anymore.

The fallout from the Game of Thrones’ producers’ decision to reshape their entire story into being about Nazism has resulted in a major backlash. People hate the new Star Wars films, and several of them were canceled following the failure of Solo.

The only thing that is still very popular is the Marvel Comics films. And that isn’t going to last long, because they’re about to replace all the white male characters with various brown people.

Star Trek: Discovery might be canceled. Though streamed on CBS’ own streaming service in America, the show was largely paid for by Netflix, which has the exclusive rights to it everywhere outside of the United States. Recently, Netflix rejected the CBS proposal for the second Kurtzman Star Trek show, which will bring back the character of Jean-Luc Picard, played by Patrick Stewart. All of the viewing figures for both CBS All Access and Netflix are secret, so no one knows who’s watching this horrible show, but certainly, if Netflix isn’t interested in more of it, it can’t be all that profitable.

Amazon picked up the Picard show, presumably for significantly less money. And it isn’t currently clear if Netflix will be paying for a third season of Discovery.

All of this is to say that modern Jewish entertainment media is running out of steam, and quickly. The evidence is anecdotal, but a clear pattern is emerging. These people have a problem.

Of course, I don’t think video entertainment is going to die any time soon. It is the soma of this Brave New World, and people are going to keep watching it because they don’t have anything else to do. But they’re going to be a lot more critical of it, and new forms of media might begin popping up.

But rather than any practical happenings on that front, the interesting thing is simply to see the Jews lose their grip as they push too far and their competence level drastically lowers. This applies to areas of Jewish control other than stupid TV shows. Everywhere you look, Jews are pushing things beyond the limit, and the center cannot hold.