The Krypto Report – Episode LIX: Say No To The Back Hole

Zyklon Don
Daily Stormer
February 5, 2019

The Krypto Report’s Wrecking Crew™ (producer Zyklon Don, Chill and Hate Farmer) return with their fearless leader, Azzmador, discuss many things on this episode of the internet’s most trusted source of Real News™. This week, we tackle/ridicule current events from an American Nationalist™ perspective. If you’re not careful, you might learn something before we’re done!

Podcast download available here.

Topics discussed:
• Jussie “Fudgepac” Smollett Update
• Kike (R) vs. Bulbhead (D)
• Viginia Governor Ralph “Coonwalker” aka “Baby-Killer” Northam News
• Los Angeles City Hall Filled with (((Rats))) Spreading Typhus
• SPLC Counts Down to End of Whites
• Movie Theaters and Niggers
• Everything Causes Cancer; It’s the Jews’ Fault
• Literacy Weekly with Mojo Risin
• Max Misch Interview
• Something About China, Russia, Iran and Ballistic Missiles
• Based Portland Chief of Police Instructs Cops to Shoot Homeless Niggers
And much, much more!

Music Download: Zyklon Don – Bleach In Your Face (Ballad of Jussie Smollett) (Stitches – Brick In Yo Face Parody):

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