The Krypto Report: Episode VI – Hey Tyrone, Whatcha Doing?

Azzmador & Caerulus Rex
The Daily Stormer
March 4, 2017

On this episode of The Krypto Report, Azzmador and Caerulus welcome back Matt Heimbach of the Trad Workers Party and Trad Youth, and he was on fire tonight!

Topics discussed:

  • Jews whining about the Las Vegas area Daily Stormer Book Club
  • The Pikeville, Kentucky rally coming up on April 28th and 29th
  • The indictment of the White Supremacist KKK neo-Nazi who has been calling in bomb threats to synagogues and Jewish cultural centers. Turns out he’s black.
  • The whole Attorney General Jeff Sessions fake news fiasco
  • A beaner judge who helped an illegal wetback escape from ICE.
  • The railroading of two young White people for defending themselves from a violent pack of feral pavement apes while flying a Confederate flag
  • Update on the status of the show

And much more!

This is a great episode, so listen and subscribe to our SoundCloud channel now, or regret it later, your choice!





To keep up with the details on the upcoming Pikeville rally, go to the following sites:

Traditionalist Worker’s Party

National Socialist Movement