The Krypto Report: Episode XIX – SONIC ATTACK ft. The Mighty weev!

Daily Stormer
June 12, 2017

On this 19th episode of The Krypto Report, Azzmador welcomes as his very special guest the world-renowned weev!

This episode proves once again that TKR has become what it was designed to be – a SONIC ATTACK aimed directly at International Jewry and all who support the ongoing global program of White Genocide! We ask no quarter, and give none. No prisoners are taken.

Topics discussed:

  • Mike Enoch’s 23 and Me results and what this means if you are still crying about him.
  • Azzmador’s excellent appearance on CNN
  • weev’s early life
  • His journey to full 1488 and what brought him there
  • The immorality of bringing non-Whites into your space
  • The infamous AT&T case
  • Nigger-killing robots
  • Nazism/Fascism vs Lolbergtarianism
  • The leftist creep into lolbergtarianism, and it’s Jewish nature
  • weev’s thoughts on IRL activism
  • The Daily Stormer Book Clubs.
  • And much, much more.

You don’t want to miss this one folks, so seek safety in your soundproof shelter and turn the volume all the way up to 1488!

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