The Krypto Report: Episode XVIII – I am HanAssholeSolo!

Daily Stormer
July 9, 2017

On this extra-super edition of The Krypto Report, Azzmador is joined by the publisher of the Daily Stormer, and the SPLC’s most wanted Nazi, Andrew Anglin.

Please forgive the late posting. TKR was supposed to begin airing on Wednesdays this week, but due to problems with a certain recording service, we had to take a couple of extra days while tech support showed us how to retrieve the audio files.

We will endeavor to post on Wednesdays from now on.

Topics discussed:

  • CNN’s blackmail and attempted crucifixion of HanAssholeSolo
  • The futility of the meme war CNN unwittingly started
  • How posting an image showing how many Jews run any particular thing is the highest of crimes on any Jew-run society
  • Why CNN & the rest of the MSM are VERY FAKE NEWS and Daily Stormer is now the real media
  • Problems with Jews in general
  • The pusillanimous nature of Luke O’Brien
  • Where do we stand on Trump at this time
  • The whole “Muh Russians” nonsense
  • Getting fit, and why you should do it, and why Azzmador is doing it
  • Andrew Anglin’s diet advice
  • Females love a handy guy
  • The Daily Stormer Book clubs, what they are for, and what they can mean to you
  • And a helluva lot more!

All in all you have nearly four hours of prime radio content featuring Andrew Anglin and Azzmador here folks.

You asked, we delivered.

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