The Krypto Report: Episode XXIII – Meme Police

Daily Stormer
August 19, 2017


On this episode of The Krypto Report, Azzmador welcomes back the lovely and talented Emily Youcis, who certainly needs no introduction to our listeners.

I get people asking nearly every day when I will have her back on TKR, so now you have your answer!

We discussed many topics, including:

  • The numerous internet shuttenings since Charlottesville
  • White Sharia, and why it is necessary
  • Animation, movies, art, memes, and archetypes
  • weev’s unconscionable suspension from Gab (it actually happened while we were recording)
  • Growing up in a single parent household, in the middle of a multicult
  • Overcoming degeneracy, and how the best way to do it is to become an Alt Right fascist neo-Nazi
  • The Alfred Alfer movie, and whether or not it is finished
  • Plus, we answered nearly ever listener question that was posted on Gab, so we covered many more things

Support Emily by hiring her to do one of her world class animations, gifs, or images for you by emailing her, or contacting her on Gab at @realemilyyoucis, where you should definitely give her a follow.

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Break music – “Proud of my Bowl” by Dyro in Chains from THOTWAFFEN Entertainment.

Thanks for listening! The Krypto Report will be back again next week.