The Krypto Report – Episode XXIV: American Nationalism Extravaganza!

Daily Stormer
October 9, 2017

On this AMERICAN NATIONALIST edition of The Krypto Report, Azzmador  welcomes his friend and colleague Lee Rogers, publisher of Infostormer and feature writer for Daily Stormer.

Azzmador has been plagued by technical problems in the past few weeks, and these finally came to a head this week, and after a very long troubleshooting session with the help of several experts, it was determined that getting a new computer can no longer be put off, so hopefully starting next week things will be back to the world class quality long time listeners have come to expect from TKR.

Lee was a real trooper, and made more than one attempt to do the show, and you lucky listeners will be glad he did. Despite the poor audio (due to Azz having had to do a quick work-around and record his audio over his phone, on a less than desirable platform with spotty internet), this was one of the best episodes of TKR yet, with lots of in-depth discussion of the topics most important to us today, with the centerpiece being AMERICAN NATIONALISM, what it is, why it’s time has come, and why it is imperative that we embrace it now.

Other topics covered:

  • The Jewess Commissar of YouTube
  • Charlottesville impressions from two guys who were there
  • The panicky shuttening of Daily Stormer, Infostormer, The Krypto Report, and others immediately after Charlottesville
  • How the Jews are giving America back to us on a silver platter
  • The insanity of politics in the current paradigm, and how implementing many of the principles that have guided the Western White Man across  the ages can restore us to not only our former glory, but lead us to greater things than ever before
  • The Las Vegas shooting
  • And much, much more


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