The Krypto Report: Episode XXVI – Patriots Rising

Daily Stormer
January 11, 2018


On this episode of The Krypto Report, Azzmador welcomes back Thomas Rousseau, leader of Patriot Front.

Patriot Front is a great org and has been a real, non-ironic Greatest Ally to the DFW Stormer Book Club. We’ve done several public actions and events together, and I count Thomas as a personal friend.

We discuss a wide range of topics, and expound on ways to keep the Alt Right movement moving forward.

Topics discussed:

  • Patriot Front, their mission, and what type of org they are
  • On the ground activism
  • Events done in conjunction with Stormer Book Clubs
  • In depth discussion of Charlottesville, in particular the shutdown, and what this tells us about their local government, and the case it makes against democracy and civic nationalism
  • The ins and outs of non-White immigration and the toll it takes on our society, culture, and government
  • How our people have so quietly acquiesced to our dispossession that non-Whites are hostile to our presence at our own monuments and seats of government
  • Flash events vs pitched street battles
  • The Jewish Problem
  • President Oprah Winfrey!
  • and much more!

Patriot Front recently had a great event in San Antonio. First, they passed out fliers on the San Antonio Riverwalk, and Thomas estimates they handed out around 100. People seemed to be receptive to the message on the fliers.

From there they proceeded to The Alamo, and had a quick demo and gave a speech. There was a group of around 50 surly beaners milling around in front of the Alamo, and a few of their obese sows hurled profanities at the guys, but no resistance or violence was offered, and after the speech, they furled up their banners and proceeded on their way.

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TKR will be back this Sunday, January 14, with special guest Microchip!