The Leader is Just Straight Up Calling Niggers Stupid Now

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 5, 2018

What is the similar thing about Lebron James and Don Lemon?

HINT: It’s the same thing that is the same about Maxine waters.

“Queen Maxine,” as she’s known to her followers (the entire Democrat Party).

You guessed it: they all have Low IQs.

Because they are niggers.

Trump doesn’t even care anymore – he’s just out there saying it straight-up.


Bigger than just frog-whistling “niggers are stupid,” Trump is attempting to start up another culture war by commenting on Stupid Lebron’s interview with Dumb Don.

The interview was 3 days old when Trump decided to comment on it, so he was playing with the idea in his head. I do this sometimes. I understand how he thinks.

He starts fights that he can escalate to serve his own purposes.

The whole NFL national anthem kneeling scandal was one of the biggest stories of 2017 – and that was all caused by Trump.

At first it was only a few Kneeling Nubians. Then Trump attacked them, and they went all black solidarity and kill whitey, then white people stopped watching the sport. Their ratings and ticket sales collapsed.

No white person wanted to go to a football game to get lectured by niggers.

In the larger scheme of the culture, this represented black people saying to white people: “We are not like you. We are not Americans.”

It stirred up white American patriotism and created suspicion of and animosity toward blacks as a group.

The importance of that cannot be overstated.

It was a history-changing spectacle, created solely by Trump. Because again, understand this: it was only like one guy kneeling and then he was fired. Then Trump started telling them not to do it, so they all started doing it, then he had created an enemy to rally Americans around in a patriotic fervor, and demonstrated his ability to manipulate the culture at will.

This thing with Lebron is big news, like he knew it would be.

You just watch.

He has a plan here.