The Mandalorian Trailer is Okay, But Surely Star Wars is Already Finished

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 24, 2019

The trailer for the upcoming Star Wars streaming show The Mandalorian was released on Friday, and it does actually look like Star Wars. This trailer is what I would have expected from people making Star Wars in the 2010s.

The show takes place sometime not long after Return of the Jedi, when the New Republic is being established, and follows a Mandalorian bounty hunter as he exists on the chaotic outskirts of Republican territory. (This is a much better premise than the new trilogy, where just a few decades after the establishment of the New Republic, it has been destroyed and replaced by a New Empire.)

The show is created, written and partially directed by the half-Jew Jon Favreau. This is the mischling who directed Iron Man (2008) and thereby launched the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Clearly, this is an attempt to get some kind of television Star Wars universe going, probably all taking place in a much better part of the timeline than the horrible new trilogy films (the other announced show features Ewan McGregor’s Obi-Wan in the period between the first and second trilogies).

However, I don’t think anyone is really interested. This show is just as brown as any of these new Star Wars films, so even if it is not as horrible in terms of execution, it is still not something people are naturally going to be drawn to.

No one enjoys this whole “no white men allowed” thing that the Jews are doing.

Let’s just go through the human characters we see the faces of in the trailer.

We start out with a weathered Carl Weathers. I like Carl Weathers, but he’s black and his face is the first we see – not ideal.

Then we see our empowered female here, played by 37-year-old former MMA fighter Gina Carano.

The next humans we encounter are a mother and child in a creek hiding, presumably from death troopers who are trying to hold this planet. I don’t know if these are main characters, but they do not appear to be white.

We then see the head of the squad of death troopers, who is that blaxtino guy from Breaking Bad. This is the first time I have ever seen a colored member of the Empire. So far in Disney Star Wars, they’ve been the only white men, because they’re the bad guys. But I suspect that the remnants of the Empire will include sympathetic characters in this show, so – brown people.

He really looks in that scene as though he’s about to call off a civilian massacre because “the war’s already over.”

The next unmasked human we see is what appears to be a Syrian refugee child.

And finally, the trailer closes with the singular white male featured, German film director Werner Herzog (for some reason), who is probably playing a disgraced officer in the Empire who has embraced underworld activities.

I suspect there will be large and heavy-handed parallels to the Third Reich and its fall, with all of the different directions the Nazis took after they lost that war. These sort of allusions will be tedious and drag down whatever momentum the show otherwise has, I would predict. Because as visually pleasing as the trailer may be, I do not believe it is possible for Disney to do Star Wars without it being heavy-handed, somber and exhausting.

We won’t ever know how well this show does, because Disney’s new streaming service, Disney+, is going to be like Netflix and doesn’t have to release any viewership numbers. I suspect that they are going to play it up as a kind of “Star Wars is back!” thing after the last several films have been poorly received.

This will likely succeed, because there is nothing stopping it from succeeding with the numbers in a black box and with Disney having so much influence on the review media. But in the long run, I think Star Wars is doomed, simply because no one is all that interested in Disney’s take on it, which is just too boring and too multicultural.

The Mandalorian airs November 12th, a month before the theatrical release of the final film of the new trilogy, “The Rise of Skywalker,” on December 19th.