The Marantz Tapes Part 2

Mike Enoch
The Right Stuff
November 25, 2017

As promised, new Marantz tapes! Fresh recordings of me speaking about politics, current events and other issues with The New Yorker’s expert allergist Andrew Marrantz. Bonus content includes an interview with The Washington Post’s race reporter Tracey Jan.

  • 0:00:00 Just Salad
  • 0:00:24 Marantz Reacts to The Marantz Tapes Part 1
  • 0:14:30 Milo and the Alt-right
  • 0:33:15 Peter Thiel, Curtis Yarvin
  • 0:47:10 Ovens, Helicopters, Duterte
  • 0:50:55 Gainesville
  • 1:02:42 White Lives Matter, The white working class
  • 1:15:02 The Alt-Lite, The MSM
  • 1:26:32 Alt-Right legal battles, Elle Reeve, The SPLC
  • 1:37:20 Kevin MacDonald, Culture of Critique, Jews, Identity issues, Marantz responds to MacDonald’s accusation of libel
  • 1:58:05 Interview with Tracy Jan of the Washington Post about brand endorsements


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