The Marijuana Question

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
January 7, 2018

Marijuana is being legalized for both medicinal and recreational use throughout the United States. Its legalization is largely supported by the public. But what’s the best way to deal with it?

Attorney General Jeff Sessions recently announced measures against legal marijuana. Many state governments have legalized marijuana for medicinal and recreational use. Other states are in the process of doing the same. Simultaneously, there are federal laws that prohibit its sale and use. This has created a very confusing situation.

Politically, this was not the right time to make a move against legal marijuana. Like it or not, the public overwhelmingly supports marijuana legalization. There are also bigger fish to fry. The entire Department of Justice along with the FBI has traitors and criminals at some of its highest levels. The situation with Hillary Clinton has still not been properly dealt with. We also have gang members, illegal aliens and other subhuman filth that need to be arrested. Dealing with marijuana is a much lower priority item.

But let’s explore the marijuana question. There’s been much debate about how best to handle it so I figured I’d offer my take.

From a personal perspective, I’m about as straight edge as you can get. I don’t use drugs, I don’t smoke and I can’t remember the last time I’ve had a drink. I’ve never liked marijuana and I honestly don’t see why people like smoking it. The excessive use of marijuana is also a highly degenerate behavior that you’d expect to see from niggers. I don’t think anyone can argue this.

Not surprisingly, Jews have been pushing for the legalization of marijuana. They have normalized marijuana use and now seek to profit off of it via legalization. They fully admit this. It is not a Neo-Nazi conspiracy theory as the retarded Marxist blog Newsweek suggests.

The thing is, laws themselves have not discouraged people from growing and using marijuana. We’ve had fairly severe laws punishing people who sell and possess marijuana and they have not effectively curbed its sale or use. It only succeeded in creating a black market that criminals and shady figures profited off of. It did not eliminate demand for the product. Jews normalizing the use of the product seems to be where the real problem lies.

Sure, legalization will increase its use by default but legalization is only an exacerbation of an existing cultural problem created by Jews.

We must also consider the practical application of using the force of government to ban a plant. Is this really the right approach?

Throughout the 19th century there were no serious laws banning marijuana or drugs in general. Laws banning marijuana were not enforced until the 1930s. Before the banning, we saw great technological and societal advancements. Legal marijuana did not automatically result in millions of our people being stoned out of their mind. We had less of a problem with marijuana and other substances before we had laws banning them. Yes, drug use took place because of accessibility, but those who engaged in abuse were looked down upon by society as a whole. Peer pressure and how you were perceived by society was a very effective deterrent in preventing people from letting drugs control their lives.

In today’s Jew-run culture, abusing drugs, smoking marijuana and binge-drinking alcohol have been pushed as cool and rebellious things to the youth. We saw this promoted by Jew-run Hollywood and the music industry starting in the 1960s and it has escalated ever since. It has not been hard for Hollywood to sell  smoking marijuana as a rebellious act when you have all sorts of laws prohibiting its use.

Cheech and Chong’s Up in Smoke was a 1978 Hollywood film that popularized marijuana use as a counter culture trend. Many other films glorifying weed use as a funny or cool thing have followed.

I do get that there are some who advocate for far tougher penalties on growing and possessing marijuana, but these are ideas that the public is increasingly rejecting. Long term, the public is not going to support the deployment of Rody Duterte styled death squads against people who have an ounce of weed in their house. It is also not a wise use of time or resources.

In my view, the root of the problem lies not in what laws we have but in this disgusting Jew-run culture. The Jews admittedly normalized marijuana use through Hollywood films and other forms of propaganda. We need to move away from that and restore our culture as something that celebrates high society and looks down on degenerate behavior. Being constantly stoned on marijuana certainly qualifies as a degenerate behavior. People would be much less inclined to engage in this behavior if there was a social price to pay.

Jews are even normalizing marijuana use on CNN. This past New Year’s Eve one of their reporters was on air with a gas mask bong while glorifying how cool smoking weed allegedly is.

We must also recognize that there’s always going to be a small percentage of people who will abuse marijuana, alcohol or drugs and become addicts of some kind. This is just natural selection playing out and this is going to happen irregardless of whatever legal force is in place. If a person is so weak that they allow a substance to control their life, than they deserve ruination and death. We need to get past this idea that we can save everybody. This is an impossibility.

Concluding, I believe that we should focus our energy dealing with the marijuana question on the cultural side instead of the legal side. It is a much more effective and pragmatic approach especially when the public is rejecting the so-called “war on drugs” which has not effectively dealt with the situation.

What do you guys think? Do you agree? Or should we consider deploying robots with advanced artificial intelligence to locate and execute hippy stoners? I would not be opposed to a public debate on the subject.

But if we do deploy AI robots to slaughter reefer addicts, I would like to see it be an AI version of Voltron.