The Most Interesting Thing About the ADL Hitlist

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 4, 2017

I missed my chance to write about the ADL hitlist. It’s old news now, and I’ve already referenced it so many times that it would be weird to go back and do a full commentary on it.

Basically, it was a boring story. The whole point of it was simply to get “NEO NAZI WHITE SUPREMACIST ANTISEMITES – THEY’RE IN THE INTERNETS, HATING!!!!” back in media headlines. It was just a cheap ploy, functioning as the lay-up to their new cooperative effort with YouTube (and perhaps Google as a whole) to shut down bad goyim.

I will say this.

When I first skimmed the page, which they have titled “Naming the Hate: From Alt Right to Alt Lite,” I was honored to find myself at the top of it.

Then I was doubly honored when my deputy was the second on the list.

Then I realized that it was in alphabetical order (by first name, no less).

The Interesting Thing Though

But here’s the most interesting thing about it: that they called the Alt-Lite “the Alt-Lite.” They even used my perferred “lite” instead of “light” (as this is like a diet soda or low-potency cigarette, which I think defines them well).

These people have officially failed to rebrand, so they are now stuck with this branding.

Branding is so, so important, and I want to refer you back to how angry I was in 2016 when MILO was trying to hijack our brand and steal all of our memes. I was the one sounding the alarm there, telling everyone that we had to shut that down or we were going to lose everything that we’d built to a Jewish homosexual who just walked in and said, “who’s in charge here? Oh, no one? Then I guess I am.”

And you remember Watson making the claim that there were “two Alt-Rights”?

All of these people on Twitter started using our name, our memes, everything, and then began trying to shape it all into what they wanted it to be.

This was them, coordinating an infiltration and takeover of our movement.

If you’re going to be a leaderless movement than you have to be prepared to defend yourself and your brand from hucksters who will waltz in and try to take over.

Anyway, we did that.

Now their brand is defined as being a sanitized, politically correct version of us. Because after the ADL printed them as “Alt-Lite,” the entire media picked up on that term, and they’re not going to forget it.

That puts them in a very difficult position. It is very hard to sell yourself as the less passionate, less passionate version of something else in the first place, but it is even harder when the label you are stuck with is a derogatory reference to the fact that you are a low-potency down version of something else.

Anyone who follows any of this online knows that all they do is steal our materials, then water them down and package them, then use slick marketing techniques to sell them as a product.

I have to say that nothing makes me more sick than people who would try and make money off of people who are trying to have a revolution. That is as low as it gets. It is somewhere just below a taxi driver who rapes a drunk passenger.

All of this is to say that the ADL did us a great favor by permanently attaching this label to a group of malicious meddlers.

I don’t know why they thought this was a good idea. But I can’t tell why they do anything they do since Greenblatt has been in charge. It’s really a disaster.

Like, why would they even attack the Alt-Lite at all?

Virtually all these people do is signal that they are not racist.

They are on-par with the National Review in that regard.

You would think that the ADL would naturally view them as allies against us. They know that Rebel Media is a Jewish operation, which exists for the sole purpose of trying to redirect people who lean right-wing into an anti-racist “freedom and the Constitution for everyone” type paradigm.

Like the ADL, Rebel Media has spent an extreme amount of energy attacking the Alt-Right.

So what was the point of putting them on a hitlist?

How does the ADL benefit from this?

I have absolutely no answer to that question. It makes no sense.

All of their behavior seems geared toward turning all of the followers of the Alt-Lite into followers of the Alt-Right, and even toward forcing some of the personalities of the Alt-Lite into Alt-Right territory by default.

  1. They’ve established a branding for the Alt-Lite, giving them a derogatory label as sanitized rip-offs of us, and
  2. They’ve made it clear that not talking about Jews and not being a racist will not keep you from being hunted, harassed and put on a hitlist.

The only conceivable explanation is sheer incompetence.

But I think what they believe is that everything is spinning out of control, and they just have to shut it all down. They also believe that they have the ability to do this.

They (or their sister organization, the SPLC, I’m not sure which specifically, but one of them) got Lauren Southern’s Patreon shut down. Now, she’s going to be forced onto some “kicked off of everything else” funding platform with us – which will naturally cause people to associate her with us. Having her cut out of the normal funding structure will also encourage her to go further with her rhetoric – when you have people’s funding, you have the ability to keep them within certain bounds.

This whole thing with YouTube is also nuts. Why on earth would they want their name attached to an aggressive censorship program? The message is very clear: “Hey, we’re the Jews and we’re here to shut you all down.”

People who do not even know anything about Jews are hearing about them for the first time as they are told that the Jews are coming to silence their jokes. How does that help the Jews? All it does is create anti-Semitism.

They do not have the ability to shut all of this down.

Maybe if Hillary had won they could have passed hate speech laws as they had planned. But that ship has sailed.

They are just going nuts in a way that hurts their own cause and helps ours.

Anyway, keep doing what you’re doing, ADL. Far be it from me to interrupt my enemy in the middle of a mistake.

If you actually succeed in shutting down everyone on YouTube, all that is going to do is force the creation of a new free speech platform – which apparently you’re planning on forcing people as lite as the people on your list of Lites onto, which will just then give us the opportunity to influence their followers.

So, great.

Keep at it.

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