The Most Ridiculously Glorious Heist in Modern History Just Happened in Paraguay

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 25, 2017

This is glorious.

I wonder why white men don’t ever do anything like this anymore?

And don’t give me some gobbledygook about “muh morals, muh not savage niggers, muh civilized society” – that’s a cowardly, pussy, bullshit excuse for the cowardly, pussy behavior of the modern heterosexual white male.

We live in a system which is designed for the express purpose of exterminating us, thus any form of fighting that system – including AMAZING HEISTS – is morally righteous. Period.

We don’t do stuff like this because we’ve had our balls cut off.

Which is why we explicitly need to bring back the ancient Aryan tradition of WHITE SHARIA.

And we need to do it quickly.


A group of up to 50 armed assailants laid siege to a police headquarters in Paraguay on Monday while stealing up to $40 million from a security firm. Four people were killed in what was dubbed the “robbery of the century” and subsequent police operations.

The gang, believed by police to include members of notorious Brazilian drug gang First Capital Command, targeted the headquarters of Prosegur, a security company specialising in the transportation of cash in the Paraguayan city of Ciudad del Este.

An explosive blew open the front of the facility, killing one policeman who was on guard, reported BBC Mundo. The gang then seized the contents of the firm’s vault, described by public prosecutor Denise Duarte as being full at the time. Police said the vault can hold $40 million in cash but the amount stolen has yet to be confirmed.

Duarte described the assailants as wearing masks and speaking Portuguese.

Police were prevented from responding when the gang stopped them exiting their headquarters with 19 cars, explosives, and a rocket launcher, engaging in a battle that left the security firm premises without help for two hours.


“The security firm’s premises has been destroyed and the attack caused chaos and terror in the city,” Justo Zacarias, the governor of surrounding Alto Parana state, told reporters.

Paraguay’s Interior Ministry tweeted images of the weapons used in the assault.

Heavy gunfire can be heard in video geo-located to Ciudad del Este and shared to social media at the time of the incident.

The gang are believed to have escaped using armoured trucks belonging to Prosegur before transferring to boats at the Parana river.


The Paraguayan Interior Ministry said that another confrontation occurred across the border in south-west Brazil in the municipality of Sao Miguel do Iguacu, hours after the siege at Ciudad del Este in Paraguay.

A joint operation between Paraguayan and Brazilian police killed three of the assailants and arrested four suspects, reported BBC.

“Three dead and four detainees,” the Interior Ministry tweeted, along with images of an armed member of the security forces standing over a man laying on the ground. The image is said to be taken in Sao Miguel do Iguacu.

Video from members of the public, geo-located to the same area, shows a similar scene along with a gathering crowd fleeing when gunfire is heard.

At least 12 people managed to escape police at a third confrontation in Itaipulandia, also on the Brazilian side of the border.

Obviously, I wouldn’t tell anyone to go out and do anything like this.

That would be retarded.

I’m just pointing out that no one is doing it – there are not men of our race with this kind of balls, and that says a lot about where we’re at.

My grandpa’s second cousins are two of only three men to have ever escaped from Alcatraz and not drown.

They were bank robbers.

Our men used to do stuff that was hardcore.

The main culprit in the removal of our balls has been feminism.

Feminism has not only caused women to act like men, it has caused men to act like women. In this “equality” mission, the Jews have mixed the two together, expecting them to meet in the middle as an androgynous type of emotionally unstable, irate, deracinated coward.

This is why so many people these days – men and women alike – are calling for a return of WHITE SHARIA.