The Netherlands: PEGIDA Protesters Get Attacked by Moslems, Then Arrested by Police

Daily Stormer
June 28, 2019

These people actually think laws apply to browns.

How racist of them.


Anti-Islamization protesters were targeted by Muslims throwing rocks, bricks, and eggs in the Netherlands, but police opted to arrest the protest group instead of their assailants, according to reports.

Representatives of a local chapter of PEGIDA have been protesting and distributing flyers near Al-Fourqaan mosque in Eindhoven, which has sparked backlash from Muslims in the area on multiple occasions, as well as a crackdown by local officials who have attempted to forbid the demonstrations.

Instead of focusing on the Moslems, as disgusting as they are, you’d be better off focusing on the people bringing them there first.

That would be a much better idea.

“A large group of Muslim youths was also on the move, out of dissatisfaction with the Pegida campaign,” Eindhoven News reports. “The youngsters threw a few bricks, followed by a rain of eggs.”

Video from the scene depicts ‘youths’ slinging projectiles at non-combative protesters.

See, that’s another problem, the “non-combative” part.

If there are no consequences for attacking you, then someone will attack you. This is common sense.

That’s why people stomp on cockroaches but not on Siberian tigers.


“Who is in charge here? Is Mr. Jorritsma [Eindhoven mayor] in charge, or are the Muslims in charge here?” asked activist Edwin Wagensveld during an interview with local media. “It seems, time and time again, that Muslims are in charge, and everybody looks on and does nothing.”

“As long as he shows he doesn’t enforce the law, we will keep coming.”

The law is what brought these sandmonkeys into your country to begin with, bud.

You have to start thinking outside of the box.

And the mayor of Eindhoven is from Wilders’ controlled opposition party, so the only way he’ll ever give a shit about your protests is if you bring a Jew there and make him say some Moslem hurt his feels.

Wagensveld said he doesn’t mind egg throwing, but stones are too much.

Why would you not mind getting egged by invaders in your own country?

Are you a moron or something?

“You’ve seen eggs were thrown, and now you want to arrest us for protesting,” Wagensveld told a nearby officer. “It’s getting crazier and crazier. Things are really crazy.”

And you’re not really doing anything to make it better, are you?

Wagensveld and his colleagues were arrested shortly afterwards, while an aggressive crowd taunted and demanded more arrests.

Wagensveld said his group will not be deterred, no matter how many times they are arrested.

That’s all nice and good, but you’re not protesting the right thing.

I’m not one of those people who think everyone who isn’t 1000% GTKRWN is a cuck or controlled opposition, I understand strategy and stuff, but in your case the problem is clearly the police, not the Moslems.

So you have to start protesting the police station instead of the mosque.

It’s a shitty solution, I know, but it’s the most these people are ever gonna do.

Police were reportedly blasted on social media for the double standard.

“Did you accidentally forget to take the stone throwers into custody?” one twitter user asked.

I doubt the cops care what people think, otherwise they wouldn’t be arresting them on behalf of the invaders.

I understand countries in Northwestern Europe are under a much tighter (((grip))) than the rest of us, but this PEGIDA thing clearly isn’t working.

You have to find some way to get governmental power and use it against the Jews, and these civnats wouldn’t do that even if they did get power.

Your main focus should be on countering what the Jews do, and you can do that without ever saying anything about Jews, like Lega does in Italy.

Shlomo’s controlled opposition parties, like Wilders’, are a much greater threat than these retarded ragheads, and replacing them with something better is the only way to get rid of the Moslems.