The Poz Button 58 – Watership Down

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July 4, 2018

Julius Evola and rabbits? It’s more likely than you think. In a Poz Button first, Borzoi talks about a movie he’s *really* passionate about: Watership Down. Join him and frequent panelist General Belisarius on an Anabasis romp about wartime rabbits where they talk about Mannerbunds, military discipline, the great men of history, and masculinity around this classic 1978 animated film about rabbits. Movie Commentary in the notes!

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References and Links

Movie commentary (also in the RSS feed)

The book

Lapine language

Rabbits of Watership Down are realistic

Richard Adams

Unit cohesion

Formation of Mannerbunds

Hermeneutics of gay suspicion / Additional material

Ernst Junger Manly Virtues

A Jewish critique of Junger 

Being men of action

Being antifragile

Do you care about your co-workers (the story of Bruce) 

The Great Man theory 

Tolstoy and the Battle of Borodino 


Battle of Borodino In-depth

Chesterton on neighbors 

Jocko Willick’s podcast 

Hagakure: Book of the Samurai 

Audie Murphy

Napoleon’s height

The rise of Napoleon

Evola’s blood of the heroes 

Radical traditionalism

Jonathan Edwards 

Xenophon’s Anabasis

Old Russian woman 


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