The Real Reason Assange was Kicked Out of the Embassy? Skateboarding, Shitting on the Wall

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 15, 2019

The media – which has complained for years that Trump is attacking the First Amendment by making fun of them – is celebrating Trump’s attack on Julian Assange, which is the most brutal attack on press freedom by an American president in all of this country’s history.

The media is actually claiming that Assange was kicked out not because Pompeo cut a deal with the Ecuadorian cripple – but because he had bad manners and hygiene.

This is what they are saying.


Ecuador’s attempted character assassination of whistleblower Julian Assange stepped up since his arrest last week, with officials offering various excuses to justify his expulsion — and the media has been eagerly lapping it up.

Apparently more interested in (allegedly) salacious details of Assange’s almost seven-year exile inside the west-London embassy, members of the UK and US press have been breathlessly repeating flaky Quito-leaked claims about his living habits and personal hygiene.

While Assange awaits the very likely possibility of extradition to the US and prosecution for reporting on the sins of the world’s most powerful, mainstream media “journalists” are doing humanity another great service — by posting irrelevant videos and pictures taken inside the embassy in an effort to assist Quito in its smearing efforts.

Footage of Assange messing around on a skateboard has travelled around the world quicker than a historic WikiLeaks document dump (back when the media was interested in cashing in off the back of Assange’s work).

News outlets around the globe have been excitedly posting the footage and any other juicy tidbits they can get their hands on, but the UK’s Daily Mail has truly been on top of the story, reporting on Assange the “overgrown teenager” and even posting “exclusive” photographs of his “fetid lair” and the “squalid horror” in which he lived.

This Pulitzer-worthy scoop contained one photograph of a perfectly clean bathroom and a sneaky snap of a kitchen with one not-yet-washed dinner dish. Assange, the Mail tells us, also “had the run” of the embassy and “bagged” himself a nice bedroom. The lucky thing; one wonders why he ever complained about his circumstances at all. Who needs unnecessary luxuries like light, air, medical care or internet access?

Other accusations from Ecuador have included that the WikiLeaks founder played loud music, left the cooker on, smeared feces over the walls of his bathroom and left some dirty underwear in the toilet. Notably, those particular claims have not been backed up by evidence — but they are still being reported on without little to no skepticism at all.

The always-curious minds that populate US and UK newsrooms have instantly accepted and promoted the notion that it was not extreme pressure from Washington that prompted Ecuador to finally push the eject button on Assange’s stay, it was obviously this convenient “misbehavior” that got too much for them.

It is lunacy that these journalists are willing to turn the biggest attack on press freedom in the modern history of the West into a weird circus tabloid spectacle about unsubstantiated allegations of shit on a wall.

As we covered earlier, the American media is even worse. They’re talking about skateboards and wall shits and also claiming he’s some kind of major security threat because he published documents given to him by a source.

Maybe we shouldn’t be shocked.

Other than Michael Tracey, Glenn Greenwald, Matt Taibbi and Max Blumenthal, there isn’t a single journalist even remotely connected to the establishment that is even going to print a single thing other than exactly what they are told to print. So they really should have no fear about press freedom being destroyed.

And because they are the approved media, they can still go out there and attack Trump and talk about how he’s taking away the First Amendment for not doing everything they tell him to do.

It is sickening.

NPR actually deleted their interview with Glenn Greenwald because he called them out.

It is literally me and these four guys defending Julian Assange.

The entire rest of the American media is attacking him.

Actually, despite the Daily Mail hysteria, the British media is doing much better the US. The Guardian published a thing sort of defending him. As I’ve said before, the British media is completely shitlib, and follows the Jew narrative, but it is much less directly run by Jews, so they don’t always understand the nuance of who they’re supposed to attack and why.

The British government knows what they’re supposed to do though.

The United States tortures people and everyone on earth knows this. Extraditing someone to face torture is a violation of international law.

And Theresa May needs to ask herself if she wants to be dealing with the blowback right now.

Extradite him to Sweden over the rape hoax. Everybody wins. Sweden won’t have a moral dilemma about extraditing him to the US. They have all of these visions of human rights and they will let him seek asylum wherever it’s offered (which will probably only be Russia) once he faces justice for not telling that bitch he didn’t have a condom on.