The Relationship Between Queer Theory and Pedophilia

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 15, 2019

Here you have Derrick Jensen playing Queer Theory jeopardy.

Turns out that all queer theorists are pedophiles.

And Derrick doesn’t give a heck about these college students harassing him.

Jensen is a cool guy. He’s an anarchoprimitivist, Uncle Ted style, who basically believes that the entire structure of civilization needs to be violently torn down. And he obviously views homosexualism as a part of this evil structure, though he’s usually low-key about that. But for some reason isn’t in the above clip.

He was something of an influence on me before I was ever even into Neon-Nazism. He’s interesting. Total sick freak and a weirdo.

I recommend “Endgame,” because that’s the only one of his books I ever read. Maybe the rest of his books are good, I can’t say.

His theory is that civilization needs to be immediately destroyed, completely. The problem with that, which I have struggled with personally, is that you would also have to destroy white people. Because white people, throughout the entirety of their history, have been in a process of developing civilization.

There is clearly no way to keep white people and not keep civilization.

But… could we keep hapas?


The gooks sure as hell didn’t invent any industrial civilizations, I can tell you that.

White women have pretty much stopped breeding anyway.


Eco, uh…. resistance now?