The Rise of China and the Western Inability to Process What is Happening Right in Front of Our Eyes

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 15, 2019

The Meng Wenzhou kidnapping scandal is the most important story happening right now. Much more important than the government shutdown or some incomprehensible gibberish about a Russian conspiracy.

It is being dealt with in the most superficial and nonchalant way imaginable, with no one in the media actually attempting to understand what it means.

The latest event in this saga is the Chinese decision to execute a Canadian drug trafficker, which is seen as a massive escalation by the Chinese. It is an escalation, how massive it is is not really clear.

I wrote yesterday about Robert Lloyd Schellenberg, who was pulled out of jail and resentenced to death after having been sentenced to 15 years last month for drug trafficking.

Although China is saying this has nothing to do with the kidnapping of Chinese royal, Huawei founder’s daughter Meng Wenzhou, that is clearly a bit tongue-in-cheek. Obviously, it does relate to that, but the way that it relates to that is what is in question.

Basically, sentencing him to a relatively short sentence for having been caught attempting to traffic 500 pounds of crystal meth was a favor to Canada, because previously, Canada has done a lot for China. Any Chinese person caught in a drug trafficking scandal like this would have been executed, all the way down to low-level people who maybe didn’t even know what they were involved in. That is just the way that China deals with crime (I believe it is the correct way, personally).

So all that has happened with the resentencing is that China has pulled the favor.

It is the precise opposite of “arbitrary.”

As far as the Canadian claims that Schellenberg is innocent and was just randomly nabbed by the Chinese – this is clearly false. The Chinese do not have any policy of randomly imprisoning foreigners on false charges – unlike Canada, which kidnaps Chinese people and accuses them of bizarre Iran-related hoaxes.

Schellenberg is a life-long criminal, who was sentenced to two years in jail for drug trafficking in Canada in 2012. He had also been caught trafficking as far back as 2003.


A B.C. judge told Robert Lloyd Schellenberg he was lucky to be living in Canada when he sent him to jail for drug trafficking in 2012.

As the Abbotsford man faces the death penalty in China, Justice Neill Brown’s admonition now reads like a chilling warning.

“Your country deserves much better from you. You are in one of the best places in the world to live,” Brown said as he sentenced Schellenberg in B.C. Supreme Court in Chilliwack.

“You are not caught up in Libya or Syria; I do not have evidence of any abuse in your childhood and I accept that you have your own struggles to deal with, but you have to confront those. After all, it’s not as if you are 18, and having to storm Juno Beach.”

The journey that carried Schellenberg from that courtroom in the Lower Mainland’s Fraser Valley to the centre of an international story is detailed, in part, in court documents obtained by CBC News.

The 36-year-old was sentenced to death Monday in the Dalian People’s Court in China’s northeast province of Liaoning.

The ruling came after a sudden retrial of a 15-year sentence for allegedly conspiring with others to smuggle 222 kilograms of methamphetamine from China to Australia in 2014.

Brown sentenced Schellenberg to two years in 2012 for possession of both cocaine and heroin for the purpose of trafficking as well as simple possession of cannabis resin and methamphetamine.

Because of time served, Schellenberg’s ultimate sentence was 16 months and 12 days.

Schellenberg pleaded guilty to all four counts, which came about as a result of an investigation into a high-volume drug sales operation that saw his apartment in Abbotsford used as a “distribution centre.”

According to the reasons for sentence, Schellenberg was on probation at the time that police raided his fourth-floor apartment, seizing $6,080 worth of cocaine and heroin as well as $3,205 in cash from pill profits.

The judge said Schellenberg was not considered to have been at the “lower rung” of the operation.

His criminal record dates back to February 2003, when he received a six-month sentence for possession for the purpose of trafficking.

So the Canadian claim that he is innocent and being unfairly prosecuted by the evil chinks is very difficult to believe, and presumably, an obvious lie.

In actual fact, China is a very reasonable country. She allows foreigners to buy drugs for personal use, even though she does not allow locals to do this. They are aware that foreigners use drugs in their country, and could crack down on it very easily, but appear to accept it as “a white people thing,” which isn’t any of their business as long as it is prevented from spilling over to the general population.

This policy of the Chinese of turning a blind eye to personal drug use among foreigners presumably leads some foreigners to believe they are pushovers, and to think they could easily traffic 500 pounds of meth to Australia after using Chinese factories to produce it.

Presumably, the life-long drug criminal Schellenberg heard tell of this situation, and went to China with that purpose. It makes little sense why a man with repeated drug convictions would choose China as a place to vacation. Maybe if he’d claimed he was working there teaching English and trying to clean-up his life, you would have some kind of argument for the “China set him up” argument (although not really, frankly). But China is not some hot tourist destination, it is actually quite boring.

In actual reality, I do not think that Justin Trudeau or anyone else in the Canadian government believes this man is innocent, they are simply using that line to attack the Chinese. I wouldn’t be surprised if Trudeau is shocked by the fact that they made this move, because he is the epitome of a soft little faggot who is self-sheltered from the reality of death.

Whereas American politicians probably are not uncomfortable with death due to their involvement in Pizzagate-type blood rituals, Justin Trudeau is simply a pot-smoking hippie who thinks everyone will get along if we have open-borders sodomy.

I’m sure he is shocked by the realization that his own actions in politics – something which he viewed as a game – is resulting in the very real death of a very real white person.

So there is a kind of “why did you have to escalate it like this, it was just a game?” pleading in his complaints to the Chinese.

This is a good thing for the world to understand and take note of: the Chinese are not playing a game.

They are a 10,000-year-old civilization which views itself through a historical lens.

They have no illusions about death or killing, and in fact, that is the basis of their entire existence as a people: they used mass-culling as a means to move towards a perfectly homogenized society where all members of the society are interchangeable. Something like bees or ants.

Historically, they did this with starvation programs and limiting breeding, as well as liberal use of the death penalty for crimes that in Europe might have just gotten your hand or ear cut off or got you shoved on a boat to Australia.

It is actually a fact that Europeans did value “diversity” among their own people, which is why they did not purposefully starve people to death and were so relatively conservative with the death penalty. This is why we have geniuses and artists, and also why we have a lot of the problems we have.

China did their last big “starvation cleanse” under Mao (this was actually “accidental,” but it seems that the Chinese hive mind did want it), but they’ve continued to cull the population by restricting breeding among certain classes and continued liberal use of the death penalty.

People in the West generally appear to have little to no understanding of what they are dealing with in China, and that is probably mostly due to their insane theory that “all people are the same.” That type of nonsense can be used to stuff black people in Harvard and so on, but using it on the world scale and applying it to a global superpower is simply irresponsible.

Napoleon was a man who understand differences in peoples.

And had some things to say about China.

But the modern white man is utterly witless.

Even if it were not for the Jews blinding us, the issue of China would present a monumental challenge for the West. Given the fact that we have such an extreme Jewish infestation, China becomes an insurmountable challenge.

The program of moving all of our manufacturing to China was effectively a program of feeding a baby dragon.

Now that this dragon is an adolescent, we are beginning to feel her power.

And it is going to get a lot more extreme, very fast.

The dragon metaphor extends all the way to the fact that she is effectively sitting on a pile of gold, having been given all Western technology and the ability to manufacture it.

This response to Huawei being ready to release a cellphone network that blows what the West has produced thus far out of the water is barbaric and absurd.

“Oh it looks like the Chinese have finally made inroads into the technology market – let’s just go ahead and kidnap the head of the company’s daughter.”

Huawei’s 5G is just the beginning of this process of Chinification, and the whole process is something that should have been predicted and acted strategically against immediately after WWII.

Instead, the West appears to be genuinely surprised by this, and has acted out in a manner that appears ridiculous to the patient observer.

It is like seeing a dam ready to break and bury you and responding by shooting bullets at it.

Just today, the Pentagon admitted that China has military equipment surpassing its own.

This is only just beginning.

The beginning of an event that Napoleon predicted over 200 years ago, which is going to drastically alter the face of the world in ways that remain largely predictable.

There is between zero and no chance that the West is going to manage to deal realistically with China before the new order comes down – in fact, it is much too late for such things.

It could potentially be slowed down, but the Meng kidnapping – not to mention the horrible manner in which the Spratlys and trade negotiation have been managed – shows that the West doesn’t have the ability to manage even that.

They have a hammer, so China must be a nail.

At least the Chinese are not the Jews.

At least there is that.