The Rise of Jew Hate on Youtube

Daily Stormer
February 26, 2017

I wish I had a Jewish lawyer… Sigh…

While we’ve written quite a few articles documenting PewDiePie’s normalization of Nazism and Jew hatred, it seems many popular YouTubers have been busy pushing the boundaries of political correctness.

Filthy Frank (4.3 million subscribers), a very popular comedian producing absurd skits on YouTube, included a lengthy segment on Jews in his 2017 channel trailer (seen above, time-stamped). His videos often make fun of SJWs and political correctness.

The subtitle was flashed for only a second, but long enough to let the Kikes understand that the goyim know.

Jontron, who’s also quite popular (3.1 million subscribers), is a video-game-oriented YouTuber who’s often used Nazi imagery in his videos.

In one of his recent videos, he talks about celebrating getting his 3 million subscriber milestone, saying “wow, thanks guys!” But he put “thanks, goys!” as a subtitle, clearly trying to send a frog-whistle (that’s the only part of the video which has subtitles).

Jontron has also done a livestream with Sargon of Akkad (0.5 million subscribers) and has been interviewed on Breitbart.

Yeah, that should happen pretty soon.

Obviously, Sargon and Breitbart are far from our views; but they’re also far from the mainstream. PewDiePie (53.8 million subscribers) also linked to Sargon in his latest video on the media. The point is that these popular Youtubers are the new mainstream – and they’re getting openly close and cozy with personalities that are only one degree of separation from the Alt-Right.

They might not be Nazis, but to the Jews it makes no difference if the goyim make anti-semitic jokes ironically or seriously.

Keemstar (1.7 million subs) is another one.

This tweet, since deleted, has been archived. Funny anecdote: the one who archived it did it from Israel (the twitter interface is in Hebrew).

The whole internet is going shitlord – fast.

And it was all according to plan.