The “Russian Meddling” Indictments are Setup to Delegitimize GOP Midterm Win

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 23, 2018

The most recent Russian meddling indictments by the feds are in part an attempt by the FBI to meddle in the elections by getting all of this “election meddling” nonsense in the news again.

But what’s more, they are a setup to delegitimize the elections after the fact if the GOP sweeps.

It is a ridiculous situation, where they know the person accused isn’t going to come defend herself in court, so they can effectively just declare whatever narrative they want.

She has come out and called it ridiculous.


A Russian woman accused by the U.S. of helping oversee a social media effort to influence the 2018 U.S. midterm elections mocked the accusations Monday, saying that they made her feel proud.

Justice Department prosecutors alleged Friday that Elena Khusyaynova helped manage the finances of the same social media troll farm that was indicted earlier this year by special counsel Robert Mueller. The troll farm, the Internet Research Agency, is one of a web of companies allegedly controlled by Yevgeny Prigozhin, a businessman with reported ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Khusyaynova responded Monday in a video on the internet news site Federal News Agency, reportedly also linked to Prigozhin. She said she was bewildered by the allegations that she could have influenced the U.S. elections even though she is just a simple bookkeeper who doesn’t speak English.

“I was surprised and shocked, but then my heart filled with pride,” Khusyaynova said. “It turns out that a simple Russian woman could help citizens of a superpower elect their president. Dear people of the world! Let’s all help the American people elect such politicians who would behave in a humane way and lead our planet to peace and goodness. Let’s all wish America to become a great and peaceful country again!

Okay so her saying “MAGA” probably isn’t very good.

But whatever – this is clearly a sham. It is a kooked-up hoax.

They have to have a way to delegitimize the midterms. And they are going to do it by claiming that people only voted for the GOP because they saw memes on Facebook that were posted by Russians.

No one is ever going to start a discussion about the nature of the system we live in.

The primary questions here would be:

  • If the voting population is so stupid that they can have their entire reality altered by memes on the internet, then why are we allowing them to vote and determine the course of human civilization?
  • Should not society be directed by sentient beings with the wherewithal to determine fact from fiction?
  • If information spread on the internet can control people’s minds and cause them to vote differently, should not everyone be banned from posting information on the internet? What difference does it make what country it is coming from? Cannot subversive agents with American citizenship “meddle” in elections by posting memes that control people’s brains?
  • What about Israel? Why are all of these foreign Jews allowed to control our entire media and manipulate the way people think with their outlets?

And the questions go on and on.

Saying “foreigners can’t comment on the internet about American politics” is a completely insane and unsustainable precedent.

And that’s all assuming this Russian woman actually is involved in this alleged conspiracy to meme – and I seriously doubt that she is. I think it is much more likely that the entire thing is completely made up.

As I have said, the original allegations that Russia was planning to hack voting machines were valid on the face of them (obviously they were made up, but a foreign government hacking voting machines is a real problem). Then normal people could even go along with the idea that it would have been wrong for Russia to hack the emails of Democrats and release them (this was also completely made-up, I’m just talking about if we take the accusation on its face). I still don’t think you could qualify the latter as “election meddling,” but at least you can say “hacking is a crime.”

This new stuff, however, is just going off into crazyland.

But it is a setup. Just you wait. I think we are going to win the midterms, and they’re going to come out and say “yeah but you only one because Russians posted memes on Facebook that controlled people’s minds somehow, this is illegitimate.”