The Russian Soul vs The American Soul

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
August 18, 2018

Since we talk a lot about the topic of Russia, I thought I would weigh in with my two cents.

Most Americans are deeply suspicious of Russians. For many years now, even before the Russia election hoax, Americans enjoyed making fun of Russians in a more casual sort of setting. You know, calling them drunken slobs, calling their women whores, and their countries shitholes.

C’mon, you know I’m not lying here. To the victor go the spoils though. So I suppose it’s natural.

But more than anything, I believe that this had something to do with the fact that it was social taboo to make fun of anyone who wasn’t White. Germans… eh, they really weren’t the punchline of many jokes, despite the whole Nazi/Kraut thing.

I guess they were just too damn proper and well-behaved for anyone to get mad at them. The English? Actually, they were well-liked, probably because of their goofy gay accents. The French? Surrender Monkeys! Strange that so many Americans would not like them… former allies and all in like 3 or 4 major wars… but then the French refused to allow Walmart and McDonald’s into their country or learn English… yeah, those bastards had the nerve to resist Americanization!

And then the Russians… whoo boy. They were White and they had no grievance lobby to protect them. So bombs away!

The thing is – and I’m not sure if this is kike interference or just a Western thing, because no one likes someone similar to them that they don’t understand. 

No one likes someone who does things differently and who is a living example of an alternative and who does a damn good job of keeping up with you in the competition.

Do you get what I’m trying to say here?

The Russkies really do do things differently. Shit, they don’t even use the same alphabet as Westerners!

The Russian is on the left.

But I think, perhaps, if Russians and Americans really understood each other… and I mean really understood one another, they might be able to come to terms with one another.

Maybe we need to have a soul to soul talk here.

So let’s start with the Russians.

And for all you cool kids out there typing away already in the BBS… no, getting drunk is not what lies at the heart of the “Russian Soul.”

While those shades are fly, the kid is not and neither are you.

Russians don’t believe in the Law. They don’t believe in following Orders. You can’t really seem to motivate a Russkie with Profit. They seem to be only motivated by the moody undercurrents within their souls and their own self-brewed moonshine version of Justice.

Every Russian seems to march to his own tune and thinks that his version of Justice is superior to that of the police, the press and the president. And naturally, that they have the right to denounce people with more authority than them. Of course, if you give this same Russian the same position of authority as the guy before him, he’ll probably start doing the same bullshit he accused the previous guy of doing… but that’s neither here nor there lol.

You get this in their literature a lot as well; this boiling anger at hypocrisy, at false virtues and the passionate railing against perceived injustice. And if you couple this with a fatalistic blase disregard for death, this scares people. These people are fucking death juggernauts… if they were ever stirred up and moved to action. “Strength lies in Justice,” the hero of Brat 2 says to the American Jew in Chicago before he kills him, and Russians applaud when they see that scene.

Maybe the “Saxon” also has some sort of similar feeling buried deep down in his soul. Kipling hints at it in his poem, “the Wrath of the Awakened Saxon” about what happens when the people finally get fed up with “unfair dealings.”

I’m not sure though.

I’ve never really given much thought about the American soul. Back when I was a liberal, I wrote off most Americans as ignorant boors and overweight psychopaths. Then when I became a nationalist, I started instinctively defending them, ready to back up the last ignorant slob to the very hilt as long as it meant putting an anti-White leftist in his place.

But more and more, I’ve started thinking about “the American Soul.”

You don’t really get a lot of literature about it, probably because Americans are not very introspective people…which begs the question…why?

Why are they not introspective, like say, the Russians? 

I think the answer is pain. It hurts to look inside. Something painful is sitting there.

If I had to guess, I’d say it’s loneliness. 

Every American I’ve ever met has been all alone. Afraid to open up – for very good reason. Unable to relate to others – also for very good reason. I feel it in myself. This giant chasm between me and any other person… even my parents.

Like most Americans, for awhile I was focused on one thing only: hustling. 


Well, to get ahead of course, and most importantly, to get far, far away. Away from the parents, away from the kids in school, away from the teachers, away to freedom, where you can finally be happy.

I think this feeling lies at the heart of any pioneer, frontier nation.

Faced with the vast expanse of a virgin continent, the Americans spread out across the North American plain, and once they reached the Pacific Coast… they never really figured out what to do next.

Manifest Destiny is the closest Americans ever really got to having a healthy ethnic mission.

It’s why the Cowboy is such a powerful American archetype. But there is no Wild West anymore. And Americans never really seemed to figure out what to do next, even though the Cowboy instinct remains. The desire to ride away into the sunset, and leave the oppressive shackles of society behind, even though society follows the Cowboy like a plague. Through his strength and rugged individualism, he tames the wilderness, and then society moves in, leaving the Cowboy restless yet again.

And that loneliness, that desire to run away is just the flip side to a much healthier instinct – the desire to explore and to start fresh. 

Not being so attached to your little village and being willing to go exploring means that American genes must have been selecting for more individualistic people.

This place is not my home, it’s a temporary rest stop to something… something better.

It served its purpose then, but it’s crushing them now. Americans are the loneliest, most aimless and most hurt nation of White people out of them all. Well, that’s my opinion at least.

Perhaps 20 years ago, it was the Russians, but they’re starting to feel that the country is on the mend and that Justice is being served, ever so slowly, but still, that it is returning to the country.

With Trump, perhaps Americans will start feeling a sense of renewal as well.

I don’t know. Maybe Andrew is right, and space exploration is the only way to go…

Anyways, that’s all I got for now.

Hopefully we’re one step closer to holding hands and singing Kumbaya one day tho.