The Russians Hacked the Narrative on South Africa!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
August 25, 2018

Well, why is it a bad thing if they highlighted a genocide in the making?


Former US envoy to Russia Michael McFaul said it was “weird” that RT was covering what he described as “threats” –in quotation marks– to white farmers in South Africa, retweeting a conspiracy linking RT’s coverage to Fox News.

South Africa summoned the US chargé d’affaires in Pretoria on Thursday, after US President Donald Trump tweeted his concern over reports that South African authorities were planning to seize land from white farmers without compensation. Trump credited Fox News’ Tucker Carlson for bringing up the issue.

On Thursday evening, Andrew S. Weiss, a vice president at the Carnegie Endowment’s Russia and Eurasia Program, channeled Captain Renault from Casablanca to declare his shock about RT “pushing a storyline that’s similar” to Carlson, pointing to a story about an Afrikaner family looking to relocate to Russia. 

These people are doing this whole, “hmm, yes, interesting coincidence that the President and the Russians have both noticed that White South Africans are about to be wiped out. Collusion, methinks!”

And trying to come off as sage and clever, like they’ve seen through the conspiracy.

Nigga, please. You’ve lost. Give it up.

Thanks to Tucker Carlson, Michael Savage, President Trump, the Russians and… well, credit is due where credit is due, I suppose… and Lauren Southern…

This isn’t some conspiracy theory anymore.

You just gotta DEAL WITH IT, you glow-in-the-dark Deep State niggers.

We’re talking about this now.

The whole nation is going to have a conversation about the South Africans. American normies are all going to find out about what happened under Rainbow Nation rule, and they’re going to have some questions for the lying media and the Deep State bureaucrats who let this happen under their watch.

They’re also going to see another side of the whole multicultural debate because they’re going to see what happens to Whites when they become a minority.

This is going to be the biggest mass red-pilling event in American history. 

And you think you’re stopping this with the whole “muh Russians” thing.

In fact, some people are going to start associating Russians with things that they like, lol.

Vaccine-skepticism? Well, shit! I don’t want to stick my kid with 200 different vaccines because it doesn’t make sense, especially when I live in a (post) First World country that doesn’t have these diseases anymore. And the Russians share my views? Huh, I guess they’re not so dumb!


More and more, I be thinking that deez Deep State niggers ain’t so smart. And they definitely aren’t omniscient. If it weren’t for the clever, motivated and connected kikes at the top, this whole rotten system would have collapsed long before Trump. But it’s imploding now. The old strategies of telling bold-face big lies… well they’re not going to work this time round.

Everyone is going to find out that the Russian thing was a lie. They’re going to find out about elites stealing money/diddling kids. They’re going to find out about White Genocide. And eventually, they’re going to find out about the kikes.

Honestly, if you’re a shabbos goy, you should just throw in the towel now. You ain’t got no chance. And the kikes are going to throw you under the bus anyways.

Stop lying. Why you lying? You gon’ get caught. You better run, boi!