The Same Gay Mexican Jew Who Triggered YouTube Shutdown Triggered Reddit Shutdown

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 27, 2019

I had assumed that Reddit was just following the dictate of Jew-Soros Media Matters directly, but it seems that they had to go through the same homosexual Mexican Jew who triggered the recent mass-bannings on YouTube.

He sent out a tweet less than two days before the Reddit shutdown of r/The_Donald, demanding that it be so.

I think it is a little bit inaccurate to directly blame this kike, because the agenda is much bigger than that. He isn’t directly ordering them to do it. All of these tech companies have Jewish-made lists of people that are going to be banned and they go around looking for excuses.

But it is weird that he was the trigger for the last two major bannings.

I guess being a faggot, a wetback and a kike gives you Clown World superpowers.

For those who missed it, r/The_Donald refugees are seeking asylum on Voat.

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