The Simpsons Attacks Trump and Promotes “The Squad,” People Hate It

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 22, 2019

The Simpsons this week put out a really horrible cartoon featuring Donald Trump fighting against “The Squad” on their YouTube channel.

People do not like it.

The Simpsons going full anti-white is a bit like Eminem going full anti-white. These are things that the white working class likes. And the white working class also likes Trump.

What I want to know though is this: what is going on with the colors of The Squad?

Traditionally on The Simpsons, the only people with brown skin were blacks and other people with very dark skin.

Carl, an African American, was brown, as was Apu, an Indian.

Everyone else was yellow.

But with The Squad, the only normal Simpsons-yellow character is AOC, and the only Carl-black character is Ayanna Pressley, while the rest are weird shades.

This doesn’t reflect real life.

Ilhan Omar is much darker than Rashida Tlaib, and is in fact darker than Pressley. And yet, she is almost normal yellow colored in the Simpsons portrayal.

And Tlaib is about the exact same shade of brown as AOC.

What is going on with all of that?

Is it racist? 

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