The Social Justice Takeover of Entertainment

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
September 29, 2017

Most people here understand that all forms of media are owned by Jews and leftists, and as a result are designed to spread mental poison to the population.

You should very carefully examine these poisonous elements in media to learn how it spreads its toxin and see what arguments it tries to put into the minds of the viewer.

I will use an example of an episode of some show I can’t remember the name of that I watched shortly after the Trump election with a normie friend.

The plot of the episode was following American CIA agents trying to get an American mole in the KGB out of Russia because he was at risk of being discovered after he leaked information on the Russians influencing geopolitics to justify an invasion of the Ukraine.

They didn’t explain how the Russians were influencing politics, but this show was on the air right around the time the Russian hacker conspiracy was in full effect.

Obviously, the writers of the show were trying to subtly make people believe the Russians had the desire and capability to influence global opinion on political matters, which would inevitably translate into an unconscious belief of this in real life.

Understanding the methods employed to spread these ideas is the first step to being able to argue against it.