The Telegraph Attacked for Reporting on Readers’ Letters Saying Theresa May is Guilty of Treason

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 12, 2018

This is an op-ed in the Telegraph that is simply recounting what they are hearing from readers.

The article itself is paywalled.

You just see the first two paragraphs.

The Telegraph:

The postman, his stout legs clad in perennial shorts and reddened by the unaccustomed sun of the past week, staggered beneath the weight of two bulging sacks as he struggled up the path to the Daily Telegraph letterbox.

I speak figuratively. All but a handful of letters these days arrive at the Telegraph as email. But, by heaven, there have been a lot of them since Friday, when Theresa May held the Cabinet hostage, phoneless, in her Buckinghamshire hideout – hundreds and hundreds of them, whizzing from the electronic Cloud like shooting stars on a mid-August night.

People are mad.


The Telegraph has drawn the ire of MPs and social media users alike over an article it published insinuating UK Prime Minister Theresa May is guilty of treason over her latest Brexit plan.

Cross-party MPs are accusing the outlet of being “shockingly irresponsible” over the article by writer Christopher Howse entitled: ‘Is Theresa May guilty of treason? Plenty of readers think so. Politicians would be wise to listen up’.

Howse explains how the paper has received a storm of letters from angry readers who feel “betrayed” by May’s post-Brexit trade plan agreed at Chequers on Friday. The plan would see the UK sticking to EU rules in order to have a free trade deal with the bloc once Brexit takes effect.

“‘Where are the politicians of principle who will honour the manifesto promises they were elected on,’ asked a reader from Solihull,” Howse wrote of the correspondence.

“Instead we have only traitorous members of the Cabinet who think only of their careers,” the reader added.

Public outcry swiftly poured in through Twitter over the article, with one saying it “verges on criminal” in its broaching of the treason charge.

So it verges on criminal… to report what readers are writing in to the paper?

Isn’t it “democratic” to allow the masses to have their say? Isn’t that the whole thing? I thought that was supposed to be the whole thing of “democracy”?

So basically…

Again, we are forced to ask what the hell this word “democracy” actually means.

Because I keep hearing that it has something to do with “the will of the people.”

But every time I hear it, I just think of the words of that great poet…

The British establishment is circling the wagons around Theresa May, because the entirety of the British establishment is anti-Brexit and Theresa is the last line of defense against Brexit.

She is basically playing the role of human shield, as the real power behind the scenes moves to make Brexit impossible.

Again: what was the point of the vote?

Is there any “democracy” in the sense of “rule by the people” or is it just a code word for “country run by Jews”?

Note: that is a rhetorical question.