The Truth About the Arab Conquest of Spain (711-788)

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer

November 18, 2013

This is an excellent short video going over the real history of the Islamic invasion of Spain.

What happened there and then is exactly the same thing in the minds of these Arabs as what is happening here and now.  They are conquering our lands, they are killing our men and raping our women and they are planning to rule over us in the same brutal fashion that they ruled over Spain, and the same Jews are helping them accomplish this goal.

Spain was lucky enough to have the rest of Europe to help them rebuild their culture after the Arabs were driven out.  We will not be so lucky this time around – they are now taking the whole continent, and there is going to be nothing left to rebuild.

We must drive these people out of Europe, immediately.


This guy has an active YouTube channel, but this is the first of his videos I’ve seen, so I can’t give much comment.  Watching some more now.  It seems he is a typical non-Jew wise anti-Jihadist, though most of his videos appear to just give the straight facts.  He focuses on the Crusades, but also goes into some other aspects of European history.

I will likely be posting more of his videos in the future, as I believe an understanding of the history of our people’s confrontations with the Muslim subhumans is absolutely necessary for understanding the severity of our present predicament.



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