The Wizard of Poz: Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 14, 2016

Well, this is my new favorite thing.

If the Jews new what was good for them, they would have let Emily Youcis keep selling nuts.

Because now they’ve got the best Nazi comedian we know of on the lose on YouTube.

Seriously, this video is fantastic. We need more like this, ASAP. Support Emily’s work. This is exactly the type of stuff that breaks down the brain-wall we are trying to bust through.

As I have said: there is no way to avoid Nazism. No matter what you do, you are going to be called a Nazi, and beyond that, no matter what you do, you are basically going to sound a Nazi. The only way to not sound like a Nazi is to cuck-out on core issues.

Because basically, Nazism was nothing other than the peak form of nationalism. So any form of nationalism is going to look at least relatively similar to Nazism. You just can’t get around that. I mean, look at North Korea.

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This has nothing directly to do with Nazism, and is in fact a communist country.

But look at it.

  • Military aesthetic
  • Huge marches to display national strength
  • Lots of flags
  • Supreme leader

NK is the most nationalistic country in the world, and they pretty much look exactly like Nazis.

If you cuck out on principles for the express purpose of not being considered a Nazi, you end up failing like FPO failed and like Le Pen is going to fail.

So you have to deal with this Nazi taboo, and the only way to do that that I can think of is by demystifying the “evil” image of Nazism through humor. That is what we do here and what Emily is doing.

Lulz are not just us having fun and playing a game. This is the key to the salvation of the white race.