“There are No Thugs in Baltimore”

Daily Stormer
May 1, 2015

The new face of White supremacy in America
The new face of White supremacy in America

The evil anti-Black racist Black mayoress of Baltimore had the nerve to come out and call the rioters burning the bitch down “thugs.”  And everyone knows that late last year the word “thug” became just as bad as the word “nigger,” if not totally worse.

New York Times:

With buildings ablaze and looters rampaging through city streets, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake faced television cameras Monday night and sternly denounced the rioters as “thugs.” The next day, with some black residents in an uproar over a word they call racially charged, she walked it back.

“There are no thugs in Baltimore,” the mayor, who is African-American, said at a church, where she met with members of the clergy.

These peaceful rioters were not “thugs.”  They were upstanding gentlemen, who could be working at NASA if it wasn’t for the hatred and White supremacy of people like the Black Mayor of Baltimore.

Will they ever be given the chance of fulfilling their true potential?  Only when we stop the hatred.