There is No Longer Any Such Thing as an “Illegal Immigrant Entry” Into the US

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 27, 2019

There is still a distinction being made by the Republican Party, Donald Trump and Fox News between “legal” and “illegal” immigrants, because all of these entities claim that “legal” entry is good and “illegal” entry is bad.

However, the reality is that there is no longer any such creature as an “illegal” immigrant entry into the United States, given that the process of crossing into the country without paperwork has been standardized into law. All of the Central Americans rushing our border are not evading Border Patrol – they are willingly turning themselves in to Border Patrol, claiming that they have a “credible fear,” at which point the Border Patrol gives them paperwork that gives them legal status to be inside of the United States.

They only become “illegal” after missing their scheduled court date, which is approximately two years from their date of entry. And even then, they have all kinds of process that they can go through in order to maintain legal status, and an army of lawyers willing to help them do so.

The only other type of illegal immigrant is one that overstays its visa, and again, that individual entered the country legally.

The distinction between “come here legally” and “come here illegally” was always arbitrary, as the laws themselves were always arbitrary and never voted on by the people. We did not vote for refugees, we did not vote for a diversity lottery, we did not vote for H1-B worker visas or any other kind of worker visa. But it is now beyond arbitrary in that it literally no longer exists.

Any single individual on earth can enter this country by crossing the Southern border and approaching a Border Patrol agent, say “credible fear” and gain legal permission to be inside of the United States.

That is the current status of the immigration situation under the Administration of US President Donald Trump.

The United States of America is no longer a country. It is an economic zone.

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