There IS Such a Thing as Too Much Autism

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
September 1, 2018

Alternative Hypothesis had a pretty slick channel.

That is until he went off the rails recently.

Basically, the man on Youtube who I respected the most (well, he was up there with some other channels that I don’t want to name here, lest I give them the “kiss of death” by mentioning that they’re secretly Stormer-approved) had a total breakdown from looking at Jew-numbers (I call them Jumbers, but then, I’m not very good at portmanteaus) for too long and, presumably, marathon re-reading Atlas Shrugged.

If you don’t know or watch Alt-Hype and you’re not into overcomplicating things and finding ideological justifications for White Nationalism and you’re just good with loving your people and hating lying scheming kikes who are trying to destroy them, you can stop reading here.

God bless you, you’ve got a functioning gut or soul or you’re just not on the spectrum. No one needs a justification to love his people. Period. This is just intellectual masturbation for bored anti-social big brain nibba types who don’t get out much anyways.

I’ve got a funny article here that you should check out instead. It didn’t get a lot of love.

To everyone still left, I want to bring up a few points about Alt-Hype’s recent nose-dive into lunacy, because it also relates to a lot of lolbergs and autistic types.

  1. Ryan (Alt-Hype) seems to only care about White people if they believe in classical liberal values like freedom of speech, free markets, are good at organizing their economies to optimize widget production and growing their middle class.
  2. Ryan seems to particularly like the Anglos because of their mercantile acumen, and because they’ve killed off or deported their criminals over the centuries and created an Eloi-like society of effeminate boy-fucking sops that are good at shekel-counting. Everyone else can fuck off t. Alt-Hype.
  3. Because most Whites do not share Alt-Hype’s lolberg values, he would now prefer based X minorities who do share these views, because values apparently are more important than shared kinship.

First things first.

I can only speak for myself here, but seeing as I’m not on the spectrum and genuinely do feel a love for my people, I don’t need any intellectual justification for loving my own. I don’t care how many widgets my people can produce. I don’t care if they can’t queue up in an orderly line or not.

That shit is irrelevant. 

Furthermore, if my people are not liberal, and don’t really care much about classical liberal values and middle class merchant morals, all the more power to them. And if my people want a Fuhrer or a Tsar and an economy based 100% on raiding and taking captive cuties to bring home and wife-up instead of the local bar sluts, then I guess that’s just what we’re going to have.

And if I have to sell my IKEA furniture and one-bedroom bachelor pad for a metal detector, rusty pliers (pillaging equipment) and a weighted net (wife-procuring equipment) I’ll try to hold back the tears while I go ahead and trade my belonging and adjust to the new economy.

Now, about Alt-Hype’s second pet obsession – the refined weakness of Western society.

In short, he likes it, but I don’t. 

Me personally, I would rather that my society have its own criminal class than my society start importing a foreign one. In fact, I think that some of this killer instinct is sorely missing in the people that are getting fucked in the ass the hardest by the Third World horde. The more prosperous, orderly and socialized societies of the much-vaunted European Northwest have been domesticated into defenselessness.

And I, small-brained neanderthal that I am, well, I’m left wondering if more domestication is what we really need? Or whether it’s even a good trait at all? 

Look at Sweden. To put it into layman terms, Sweden is the golden retriever of White Nations (albeit a lot less friendly). But more likely to wag its tail at the burglar than bite his nutsack off like a proper dog should.

The UK would be an inbred pug in this example btw.

But look at how cute and nice these doggos are! They will never bite you and never pee on the carpet and they won’t bark at strangers and embarrass you in front of the other dog-walkers! t. SWPLs

All true. But when times are hard, you don’t have the luxury of these adorable, but over-domesticated furry pushovers that cops enjoy shooting for fun.

You need a dog with some fucking bite. You’re willing to look the other way if the furniture gets carved up and riddled with holes. It’s a small price to pay in the end for knowing that you’ve got a furry juggernaut on your side should the neighbors try to start some shit with you.

Do you get what I’m saying here?

I’d rather be tough and disorderly as a people and a nation, not a polite pushover. Lolbergs, however, worship weakness. But, I think that in the years to come, the White nations that haven’t been over-domesticated have a much better chance of making it out intact. And if I were in charge of a white nation, well you’d better believe that I would mass-execute everyone who even knows what NAP stands for. Or wears glasses. That is if I wanted to save my nation from the Clever Ones trying to run it into the ground with their retarded prefrontal cortex inspired schemes.

Last point.

Running out of space here, this essay’s getting too long and I’ve got other shit to write. (I just got so worked up by Alt-Hype’s cucking I got myself into a lather and had to write something out). I stand with my own whether they’re “right” or “wrong.”

This is natural. This is right. I don’t need intellectual justifications for it. But don’t get excited. If pressed, I can muster up an intellectual defense for what I feel on a gut level, what I have been evolved to feel for tens of thousands of years and what nature has programmed into my reptilian hindbrain, and what my newly-formed and relatively undeveloped pre-frontal cortex is just beginning to understand the underlying wisdom of.

One of the best arguments for sticking with your own, despite whatever defects in their voting patterns or moral code they might have is that, if we’re talking survival strategy here, you’re always going to have a harder time fitting in with an outside group, even if you do share their values.

If you’re too smart for your own good (relying on that underdeveloped prefrontal cortex), autistic, anti-social or a first/second gen immigrant, you won’t feel what I’m talking about. Sucks, but them’s the facts.

The fact of the matter is this: your tribe has a lower chance of killing you. 

And even if you’ve been picked on or if you’re the runt of the litter or if the other kids were mean to you in the schoolyard and you never shut up about it…

… you’ve still got a better chance toughing it out as an omega in your own tribe rather than trying to switch sides to another tribe.

“My own, right or wrong,” is a solid evolutionary strategy. 

When times are hard, people close ranks. And hard times are coming. Just because someone doesn’t believe in my retarded economics theories or my values doesn’t mean that they’re my enemy and the member of the other tribe who does (or claims to anyway) suddenly is.

That shit is skin-deep. Discarded at the first sign of trouble.

And who gives a shit about values anyway? Like, who the fuck cares about passing values down through the ages?

Genes is the name of the game, baby and we’re evolved to pass on genes. 

That means that even if my brother believes in Libertarian economics and I believe in White Pol Potism, him having a kid means that 25% of me gets passed down and maybe the kid will listen to his uncle one day, instead of his retarded father anyway and join me in the glorious Khmer someday as an apprentice.

Some POO who believes in Libertardianism isn’t going to pass down my genes. He might pass down some of my values, but who cares about that? That’s some asexual nerd shit.

It’s me, my brother, my cousin against the world.

Everybody needs to get their heads out of the clouds with all this autistic number-crunching and intellectual wankery. Otherwise, we’re going to start promoting White Pol Potism for real and you’re going to end up in a mass grave with other people who were too clever to stand up for their own people.

Last warning.