Theresa Defends Fake Brexit – Is She Going to be Forced to Resign or What?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 18, 2018

Theresa May’s “Brexit deal” contains absolutely every single element of EU membership, except that Britain will no longer be able to vote in the European Parliament.

That is literally what it is, exactly.

If she isn’t forced to resign over this, then Britain is literally more of a joke country than “Zimbabwe.”


Amid a string of resignations and huge backlash from rebel MPs, Prime Minister Theresa May still believes her draft Brexit deal with the EU will help secure British jobs, protect borders, and smooth the UK’s exit from the bloc.

In a combative piece for the Sun on Sunday, May insisted that the preliminary agreement she recently negotiated with Brussels will be “a deal that works.” Reiterating the main points of the draft Brexit accord, she maintained that “the course I have set is the right one for our country.”

If you’re forced to write an op-ed to defend the most major political decision since Britain entered WWII…

…then you are in a bad spot.

Lamenting some “difficult decisions” that she had to make, as well as the recent string of cabinet resignations, May argued that the deal will first of all end the free movement of immigrants into the country. “For the first time in a generation or more we will decide who comes to this country and, just as importantly, who does not,” the defiant prime minister said.

That isn’t true.

At the very least, anyone who wants to enter will be able to enter on the North Ireland border. But probably they will be able to get in any other way they want when all is said and done.

Going further, May suggested her Brexit deal will protect “millions of British jobs across the country,” end sizeable annual payments to the EU budget, and make sure the European Court of Justice has no jurisdiction over the UK.

I didn’t read the whole thing and wouldn’t be able to understand all the details if I did, but Rees-Mogg says that this isn’t true.

“Make no mistake – the hard-fought deal that is now in sight will do all of those things,” she wrote. In the end, May claimed that her deal will let London and Brussels divorce smoothly but “not letting it drag on forever” – the promise which critics say is impossible to deliver.

For the main part, the article seems to be a last-ditch effort to win some of the public trust amid Brexit turmoil. It also comes at quite an uneasy time for the beleaguered prime minister as she faces growing rebellion among fellow Tories and a massive backlash from the opposition.

On Wednesday, May stated that the draft deal – published in full by the European Commission – is the best that could be negotiated, and is in the country’s interest. She then suddenly raised stakes, saying that “the choice before us is clear – this deal or leave with no deal.”

It’s the best that could be negotiated by her, because she is an anti-Brexit shill who was placed in leadership of the government after Cameron’s forced resignation to ensure Brexit never happened.

Nevertheless, it emerged that multiple backbenchers were calling publicly for a no-confidence vote in May’s leadership. By the end of this weak, the number of rebel MPs grew further, and some observers even predicted that May is in danger of losing her job.

She had managed to secure cabinet approval for the draft Brexit deal after a five-hour meeting at 10 Downing Street on Wednesday, but it was followed by a string of high-profile resignations.

This entire thing is like some kind of sick joke.

Brexit was about leaving the European Union – not about pretending to leave the European Union while maintaining absolutely everything people were against.

To back this up, the Jewish media is now floating a story that Steve Bannon used his mind-control powers with Cambridge-Analytica to control people’s brains and force them to vote for Brexit – which would mean the vote was never real in the first place.

Seriously – they’re saying that now.

This whole thing is going to come down to whether or not the British have the balls to back up what they voted for or not.

I’m not making any bets, but if I was…


Let’s just wait and see.