They’re Bringing Drugs, They’re Bringing Crime, They’re Jumping Out of Moving Minivans on the Highway

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 1, 2018

These Mexicans, man.

What is going on with these people?

Why have we brought this primitive group of bizarre beanpeople to live in our once-advanced, modern nation?


A mother of two died early Monday morning after she jumped out of a minivan that was traveling about 40 mph on a street in Brea, according to investigators.

The bizarre incident was reported shortly before 1:30 a.m. in the area of Imperial Highway and Laurel, a spokesperson for the Brea Police Department said. After the woman jumped, the vehicle stopped, two other women got out and the man behind the wheel drove away.

This is just standard Mexican drama, you understand.

The injured woman was transported to a hospital, where she died, authorities said. She was described as being in her 20s; authorities did not immediately release her name. Family members identified her as Dezirae Mendoza, who they said lived in Anaheim with her father and two young sons – ages 4 years and 9 months.

“There’s no reason why any parent should have to bury their children,” her cousin, Frank Madrid, said.

Well, I can think of one reason: because their child jumped out of a minivan moving at 40mph and did not successfully tuck and roll.

If you’re going to jump out of a moving car, you’d better know what the fuck you’re doing, or you’re going to die.

Them’s just the facts of life, amigo.

The two other passengers of the tan-colored minivan were cooperating with investigators. The driver was later identified and located by police. It was unclear if he faced possible citation or arrest.

“(The two women) saw the victim open the vehicle and then leave from the vehicle and fall out onto the roadway,” Lt. Adam Hawley said. It’s not normal behavior for someone to leave a moving vehicle under these kind of circumstances and that causes concern. Obviously we have a few questions that we’re trying to ask and get to the bottom of.”

It’s not normal behavior for you, Adam Hawley.

You don’t have any idea what is normal behavior for Mexicans. No one does, save the Mexicans themselves – theoretically.

The reason why Mendoza jumped was unknown. Her family told Eyewitness News that she was happy, loved her children and was working to better her life. Her family members said they do not know the two women and man involved in the incident.

Mendoza’s family also said she texted a family member before the incident, saying she didn’t know the man driving the vehicle and saw a bat, gloves and tape in the van. These details were not confirmed by police.

GoFundMe page was set up in honor of Mendoza.


We need programs to educate the Latino population on how to properly jump out of a moving vehicle.

These programs are going to cost money.

A lot of money.

California needs to raise taxes on whites.