They’ve Got a Gun to Trump’s Head

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
April 14, 2018

This headline explains a lot.

Daily Mail:

FBI seized recordings of phone conversations between Michael Cohen and the attorney for Stormy Daniels in office raid.

The FBI is basically in open insurrection against Trump. They’ve violated attorney-client privilege and are straight up rifling through documents related to Trump’s sleeping with that stripper and then paying her money to not make a big deal out of it.

  • White House officials were concerned that the feds were able to seize taped phone conversations during Monday’s raid of Trump’s personal attorney
  • It has emerged that the feds did seize possession of tapes between Michael Cohen and attorney Keith Davidson
  • Davidson negotiated hush money payments to porn star Stormy Daniels and Playmate Karen McDougal to not discuss their alleged affairs with Trump
  • Cohen would frequently tape calls and later use them as leverage
  • He had also had Trump listen to some of his calls, though it is unclear if he ever taped Trump during the decade of working for the Trump Organization
  • Cohen had bragged about New York being a one-party consent state, which means the person on the other end of line doesn’t need to be aware of recording
  • However Davidson is based in California, taping his calls would have been illegal, additionally it is not believed the tapes would fall under attorney client privilege

So basically a lawyer-kike representing the whore recorded some compromising info on Trump and now the FBI is in possession of it.

And because of American normies’ bizarre moral compass – being outraged that a hetero man would fuck the brains out of a living, plastic fucktoy who’s job it is to fuck (while simultaneously being pro-gay, pro-tranny and pro-promiscuity in general) – this will probably be used against Trump in a blackmail or impeachment scenario.

So that’s probably why he’s playing along with the neocons insane demands.

How else to explain this total 180?

The poor man has a gun to his head.

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