This is America: 91-Year-Old Man Beaten with Brick by Fat Negress, Hero Fat Spicess Films It

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 7, 2018


It was an old spic man attacked for being a spic. Sheboon is a white supremacist.

Original article follows.

Adventures in Los Angeles – coming to your home town soon!


A video shows a 92-year-old man on the ground with a bloody face after he was attacked by a woman and several men with a brick in Willowbrook.

L.A. County sheriff’s investigators said the victim was attacked near the corner of 118th Street and Central Avenue. An eyewitness who took the video did not want to be identified. She said the man was beaten with a piece of concrete.

“Oh my god. It’s too offensive,” she said.

According to the eyewitness, the man was walking down the sidewalk and he passed the woman. The witness said for some reason that upset the woman and that’s when it started.

“The woman pushed him and dropped him. She took the block of concrete and hit him in his head many times. That’s why it was very bad,” the witness said.

The video also notes that others jumped in on the beating – apparently just other niggers on the street.

She was able to get a picture of the woman who was walking with a little girl. In that photo, she is seen holding a piece of concrete.

“She see me in my car and walking to me and she told me, ‘Oh, what are you doing? What are you saying? Why are you taking my picture?'” the witness said.

So a random fat negress who was walking with her child attacked and beat a 92-year-old white man with a brick, another bunch of niggers jumped in on the beatdown (for some reason) and a fat Mexican woman filmed it.

In short:

This is America.

Don’t catch you slippin up.

Don’t catch you slippin up.