This is Fine: Paris Burning

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 26, 2018

Looks like these riots are not going to end until the entire city is burned down.

I have literally no issue with this at all.

Paris is one of those cities that was just built to be burned.

You know how when you go to different places, you get different vibes?

I’ve been all over the world, and there is a resonant field in various cities that speaks to you. \

Moscow says: “You’re probably gonna wanna get a drink…”

Berlin says: “Shouldn’t you be working?”

London says: “ALLAHU AKBAR.”

Athens says: “It’s too hot to drink hot coffee, we only serve cold coffee, made from Nescafe, just chill.”

Barcelona says: “Ayyyy papi.”

Paris is a city that is just screaming: “Burn me the fuck down.”

Like a torture victim begging you to just kill him already.

As Far as These Protests…

I don’t really have any idea what is going on, so I’m not going to speak on it.

If I was going to speak on it, I would say that the “gas prices” thing is just an excuse to get out in the street, as a result of general unrest.

The protests appear to have already morphed into generalized anti-government protests.

A crisis for Macron is good, because he’s trying to take up the role of “leader of Europe” now that Merkel has been forced to resign. There is no other figure who can be the figurehead of Europe.

Other than, you know.

You know.

Winning is as much about your enemies losing as it is about winning.

And with all of the losing going on in the EU, now is the perfect time for a Russian-backed Salvini takeover of the entire continent.

When’s the last time Romans conquered Britain? 

We’re already living in the internet age, kids.

Revolutions are easy as fuck.

I hope people who speak French are agitating on social media. Turning this protest into a far-right anti-immigration, anti-EU, anti-war, pro-Russia protest would be pretty easy.

Trump is trolling them.

I don’t really even understand what he means by that, I think he’s just trying to agitate them into rioting harder.

It’s a shame that Russians aren’t nearly as good at memes as Robert Mueller has purported them to be.

If somebody gave me a five man team of experts on French culture and politics, ten fluent French speakers who understand English and fifty French Twitter accounts (anonymous is fine, as long as they’re not brand new and their history isn’t an obvious bot and they haven’t ever interacted with each other), I could get them Macron’s resignation in two weeks.

That isn’t a solicitation, please no intelligence agencies contact me, I’m happy with my current employment. It’s just a statement of fact and a statement of the fact that governments should be upping their troll game.

Like, yo, Russia – you’re already doing the time.

Why not go ahead and do the crime?