This is the Man Who Stole Your UPS Package

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 6, 2019

It’s so funny to me that UPS has to employ people with that hair because it would be racist not to.

New York Post:

A seasonal UPS worker in Florida was arrested Tuesday for allegedly stealing packages containing pricey electronics from a business he dropped them off at, a report said.

Emmanuel Lamont Reggin Jr., 18, is accused of swiping packages containing two kindles, an iPad and a tablet computer on Monday night from a company in Northeast Miami-Dade, according to WSVN-TV.

Earlier in the day, Reggin Jr. helped deliver 5,500 packages to the company. He was caught on camera relocating the items he later stole inside and under nearby dumpsters while his coworker wasn’t looking, the report said, citing police.

The worker allegedly carried out the same scheme the next day at the same business.

The second time, however, Reggin Jr. was caught when a manager saw him on surveillance footage swiping two boxes from under a dumpster. Those packages contained a laptop and two PlayStation 4 game consoles.

Cops apprehended Reggin Jr. and found the stolen goods at his home.

The question is: if it was racist to not employ him on the basis of the fact he looked like a freak and was obviously a criminal, then why is it not racist to arrest him for these crimes he committed?