This Mueller Thing is Still Going and Going and Going

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 2, 2018

Remember that time where for like two weeks I was talking about how I just wanted a nuclear war to happen because I’m so bored?

And Daily Stormer became the world’s #1 pro-nuclear apocalypse site?

Because like, nukes really aren’t even that dangerous, and “nuclear winter” is a made-up thing, and it would really be good for human beings in general if every major metropolitan center on the planet – or at least like, 1/3rd of them, were destroyed and people were forced to go Full-Kaczynski?

This HANDSOME Uncle Ted has A 167 IQ and is TALLER and more CHAD than you, and basically, he was right. 

At least until some “new order” – possibly of Nazi inner-earth scientists – emerged?

And then like, something something something, robot cyborg space empire?

Yeah well, those two weeks were the two weeks before today and that is still going.

And the fact that this Mueller shit is the top news story again is not helping my opinions on these matters.

Everyone knows this is absolute bullshit.

Everyone involved knows it, and I would go so far as to say that at least most of the cat ladies who actually watch Rachel Maddow know it.

No adult individual could believe this story they are telling, or that they could spend a year and hundreds of millions of dollars investigating these claims and never come up with any evidence of any of the insane claims.

It numbs the mind that this is still happening.

The questions that Mueller has for Trump were leaked to the NYT mysteriously. You really get to see how contrived the whole thing is. There is not even any energy in it. It’s like watching an obese man in a pit of his own filth trying to masturbate.

That’s your legacy, Mr. Mueller.

People will associate your name and face with the image of an obese slob an oozing pile of his own bodily fluids trying helplessly to jack-off his flaccid phallus. I sure hope you did this because there are pictures of you having sex with children and what not. I can’t grasp any other reason a man would do this.

Trump’s had a good couple days on Twitter, at least.

Yeah, it’s a rigged system.

The whole thing is entirely riggered tf out.

The only solution at this point is to either:

  1. Declare martial law, arrest all of these judges, arrest everyone in Congress, put the military in charge, or
  2. Start a nuclear war

We can’t keep going on how we’re going.

It’s just too boring.