This Saudi Journalist Thing is the Best Thing Wow

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 11, 2018

How can you free a man whose body is already chopped up? 

So this Saudi Arabian journalist hellstorm is creating a total chaos situation for the greatest ally of the Jews.

Apparently, in 2018, you can’t just kidnap a journalist in your own embassy, and chop him up Pulp Fiction style – or whatever happened here, no one is clear what happened other than if the Saudis hadn’t at least disappeared him, they would have released camera footage showing him leaving.

Last night, when Fox News asked about whether he thought the guy was dead, Trump said: “I guess you would have to say so far it’s looking a little bit like that and we’re going to have to see.”

This morning he came out and said more.


“I have to find out what happened,” Trump told the Fox News morning show “Fox & Friends” on Thursday, when asked about possible repercussions for Saudi Arabia. “We’re probably getting closer than you might think, but I have to find out what happened.”

“We don’t like it. I don’t like it. No good,” Trump added.

Saudi Arabia has roundly denied any allegations that Khashoggi died inside its consulate, although the Saudi government has yet to produce video backing up its claim that the journalist left the consulate through a back door and has yet to make good on its promise to allow Turkish authorities to search the building.

During his interview, Trump said relations with Saudi Arabia were “excellent,” boasting that the Middle Eastern kingdom benefits from U.S. protection. Trump also brokered a nearly $110 billion defense agreement with King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud in May 2017.

“Saudi Arabia is a very rich country. And for years and years, there would be no Saudi Arabia if there wasn’t a United States, because we protected them,” Trump said.

He keeps saying Saudi Arabia wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the US. This is like, the worst possible insult to these people. One step short of throwing a shoe at them.

But the journalist – wow.

The entire world is freaking out about this. This guy worked for the Washington Post, and had lived in the US.

Rand Paul is using this as an opportunity to call for military aid to be cut to the kingdom – something he was calling for before this happened as well.

But it goes beyond the Libertarian extremist – a whole list of Senators are calling to shut it down.


President Donald Trump is facing new pressure to investigate the disappearance of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi and determine whether to impose sanctions on those responsible after receiving a letter from a bipartisan group of senators Wednesday.

The letter, which triggers an “investigation and Global Magnitsky sanctions determination” was penned by the top Republican and Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, chairman Sen. Bob Corker and ranking member Sen. Bob Menendez, along with the leaders of the appropriations subcommittee for the State Department, Sen. Lindsey Graham and Democrat Sen. Patrick Leahy.

Under the terms of the Magnitsky legislation, the President can impose sanctions on individuals or countries that are deemed to have committed a human rights violation.

The entire order of the Middle East is based on US support for Saudi Arabia. This has been the status quo for decades.

And remember – Donald Trump campaigned on cutting aid to them, and we were all mad when he instead made friends with them.

Now he’s got the entire media and mainstream Senators calling for him to “DO SOMETHING” to the greatest ally of the Jews.

And honestly, I think Trump is pretty pissed off that he did all of this stuff for Israel – including the Saudi deal – and American Jews have still refused to support him.

This was reported in the media last month – you don’t know if any of this stuff is true, but it sounds true. It certainly appeared as though part of his strategy was to do stuff for Israel in order to muffle the Jewish noise domestically.

And as I’ve said a million times, he can’t go against Israel directly, because the Evangelicals make up a much bigger portion of his base than libertarians and neon-nazis – but he can sure as hell go against Saudi Arabia, if this relationship is no longer valuable.

Any cut to Saudi is a cut to Israel, but the Evangelicals are waaayyyyy too stupid to understand that.

Evanglical Israel-firsters are literally dumber than niggers.

And the neocons all already hate Trump and attack him constantly for everything he does. So there is really no benefit whatsoever in continuing to deal with Saudi Arabia.

Obviously, this journalist situation isn’t going to lead to a complete severing of ties, but it might very well lead to heightened tensions that result in sanctions and some of the military aid being cut.

Any deterioration of relations with them is positive. There is no downside.

Other than Israel, they are the single major aggressor in the region, funding all of these terrorist groups that operate in the region and beyond.

They also funded 911, which Trump was willing to openly state during the campaign (while also suggesting Israel was involved).

We benefit nothing from this relationship – they are a parasite.