THOTpocalypse NOW 9 – Season Finale: The Brave Pessimism Part 2

Doctor Mayhem
Daily Stormer
June 17, 2018

Disclaimer: All Fedposting is done as a joke. Don’t actually commit to violence.

Intro – I forgot to mention anything about the music. Whoops.
Deleted Episode 5 because it sucked and I wanted to reuse the Ruiner soundtrack


– A bit on the Incel Question: I haven’t bothered covering it because everyone else has. Might cover it when I record with people.
– The road to Imperium – how WW3 with Russia and China will create a fascist America
– America is headed towards fascism
– …Or is it? Arguments otherwise.
– My main argument that I present as proof that Imperium is not here yet: Armies are not “privatized”
– Ultimately, fascism/imperium is what happens when culture fails
– America Delenda Est – The Great Satan must be destroyed
– Road to Revolution
– The steps to a successful revolution as shown by history
– During WW3, America will likely mobilize into “War Socialism”
– Is there any reason to be patriotic anymore?
– The point of all this
– Of course, Imperium comes after Civil War
– Revisiting violent action
– Trump as PUA
– Don’t kill yourself, fam