Thousands Strong NPC Army Marches in London; Demand Suppression of Voice-Bearers

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
October 21, 2018

When news reached the Grey Beards at the throat of the world of the First Breton Rebellion, they knew what they had to do.

Despite knowing that the Empire would send an army to the Throat of the World and punish the Grey Beards once the Thalmor were alerted of their magical manipulation, they nonetheless decided to help the Bretons. The internal Voice-Bearers used their powers of persuasion to help many Bretons open their eyes to the truth. Through Voice-Projection, the Voice-Bearers were able to break the evil spell that many Bretons were under and rally enough people to vote for leaving the Empire.

But the Thalmor, intent on making sure that the Empire remain as multicultural, divided and weak as ever, began weaving their black magic on the Bretons again, bending the will of the weak, forcing those without internal Thu’um to begin wavering.

And when that didn’t work, they instead simply spawned an entire army of loyal NPC zombies in Londinium. To try and reverse the victory that the Voice-Bearers had already won.


Protesters calling for a referendum on the final Brexit deal are marching in London for what organisers said would be the “biggest, loudest and most important” demonstration of its kind.

They are heading to Parliament Square, where a rally will be held later.

Young voters are leading the march, which organisers the People’s Vote campaign said was attended by more than 500,000 demonstrators.

Prime Minister Theresa May has already ruled out such a referendum.

MPs from all the main political parties are supporting the demonstration. The People’s Vote said stewards on the route estimated 570,000 were taking part.

Scotland Yard said it was not able to estimate the size of the crowd. 

This time around, the Thalmor understood the power of the Internal Voice.

And even as they moved against the Bretons, they also gagged the Voice-Bearers and leaders of any potential unrest in Skyrim ahead of time. For rumors of rebellion had begun in the Northern hinterlands as well.

And now, as they gather their NPC armies, they move to suppress the Bearers of the Voice from the Intern-  mmm, I mean Throat of the World, from where they can use their Thu’um over long-distances to help people.

Without the resistance of the Grey Beards, the Thalmor can continue their plans to flood the homelands of the Bretons, the Nords, and the other Humanoid races with Orcismer and Argonians and those weird cat-people.

All the while, the Empire remains too weak and timid and beholden to the Thalmor to do anything about it, acting only as the enforcers of the Thalmor’s twisted will.

Before this march, the Thalmor and the Grey Beards had locked in a battle of voices several times.

Every time, the Grey Beards defeated the Thalmor.

Which is why the Thalmor decided to use other, non-magical means to shut them down this time.

All depends now on the success of the Lion-Born in November at the Council Elections.

Without the support of his armies, the Grey Beards will fall and Tamriel, in turn, will fall under Thalmor dominion for a thousand years.