Three Coloreds Kill White Medical Marijuana Grower During Home Invasion

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
February 7, 2019

Left to right: Christopher Murray, Tony Locklear and Alexis Locklear.

The task should have been simple: break into the house, steal the weed, leave.


If they’re brown, someone’s going down.


The last of three people charged in a home invasion that left a Maine man dead has been found guilty of murder.

A jury convicted 39-year-old Christopher Murray Friday after deliberating for about 4½ hours following a four-day trial.

The trial of the 39-year-old Murray, of Red Springs, North Carolina, began Monday.

Prosecutors say Tony Locklear, Alexis Locklear and Murray, her boyfriend, shot Wayne Lapierre and his wife at their home in Millinocket in December 2017. Wayne Lapierre later died of his wounds.

Tony Locklear pleaded guilty to murder on Jan. 8. His 22-year-old daughter, Alexis, of Maxton, North Carolina, pleaded guilty to robbery last month.

Court documents indicate the trio went to the home of Lapierre, a medical marijuana grower, to rob him.

Wayne Lapierre.

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